Stolen Xbox recovered, thief and child molester identified via LeadsOnline

“Recently I was able to confirm that an Xbox 360 had been sold to a local retail store that had been reported stolen by an adult victim. During the course of this investigation I also learned that one of the adults that took this Xbox from its owner (who was not home at the time) also molested the owner’s minor child who was home at the time of the theft. I able to use the information of the person who sold the Xbox to locate and interview them and eventually get a confession of Theft, Receiving Stolen Property and Sexual Misconduct With a Minor. Thanks for your help LeadsOnline!”

Det. Troy Pesavento
Terre Haute Police Department

Violent home invasion, sexual assault solved via LeadsOnline

“A man and a woman were asleep in the living room of their home in Kansas City, Missouri when they awoke to two men in their house. The two victims were pistol whipped, tied up, and the woman raped. The two male suspects took a TV, jewelry, Xbox, and other items from the house after raping and beating the victims. A detective assigned to the case contacted me and asked me to search the LeadsOnline database to see if any of the stolen articles had been taken to a pawnshop. I searched LeadsOnline and located the stolen property in two pawnshops. I responded to the pawnshops, photographed the property, and obtained the names of the suspects and video surveillance of the items being pawned. The suspects were then identified because they had used their identification to pawn the property.

Identifying the suspects of this heinous crime would have been nearly impossible without having the capability to instantly check all of the pawnshop transactions and locate the stolen items taken from this crime, which having LeadsOnline provides me.”

Det. Jeffery Mehrer
Kansas City Police Department

False police report filed…victim recognizes suspect…as the man in the mirror

“I was dispatched to a breaking and entering that had taken place at an apartment complex we frequently visit. Upon arrival, I spoke with the victim who explained that a masked man entered his home and held him at gun point. The victim was forced to sit in a chair as the armed suspect stole is money, TV, XBOX, and games. The victim told me who the suspect was since he had known him in the past. I investigated the incident, however a lot of the details provided did not make sense. As my supervisor and I were talking about the case, we decided to search LeadsOnline to see if we could locate the stolen items. We found a ticket under the victim’s name for the TV that had been reported stolen a week before the incident was reported. The victim was charged with filing a false report to a police station, and subsequently convicted of it. Thanks, LeadsOnline!”

Ptlm. Alexander Balchev
Hudson Police Department
North Carolina