$16,000 bracelet recovered after stolen during home remodel

“I was assigned a case where a $16,000 gold and diamond bracelet was stolen during a remodel at a residence. After identifying all the employees working on this remodel I was able to locate the stolen bracelet using LeadsOnline. The bracelet had been sold to a local jewelry store on the day of the theft by one of the construction workers. Looking up this worker’s history has implicated him in other theft cases that were originally unsolved.”

Det. Richard Severs
Germantown Police Department

Ohio masked man cleans out safe; Gets away, then doesn’t

We had a call of an aggravated robbery at cellphone store where two armed masked men tied up the clerk in the back of the store and cleaned out the safe. Both suspects got away however through investigation, I learned that the same suspects had robbed another cellphone store in Warren County. LeadsOnline came in helpful because I had placed an alert on one of the possible suspects and through further investigation found that one of the suspects was in at a business, hours before the Warren County robbery with the same clothing and shoes on. LeadsOnline is a great tool to law enforcement.”

Det. Robbert Johnson
Germantown Police Department