19 guns are recovered through LeadsOnline

“In August, we received a report of 11 stolen guns from a residence in our county. Unfortunately, at the time we had no serial numbers nor did we have a suspect. I started searching the guns using a description of each one. I noticed a name that appeared about three times on different guns that were described as very similar to the ones we were looking for. I ran the name and found 9 of the 11 guns we were looking for and also located 10 more that the victim did not know were even missing! After running the now suspects information through the DMV files, I was able to find that the suspect had a vehicle registered in his and the victim’s daughters name! This tied it all together. We called in the two suspects and got a confession! Thanks LeadsOnline, without this tool who knows where these guns would have ended up.”

Sgt. Mason Boggess
Giles County Sheriff’s Department