Case wouldn’t have been solved without LeadsOnline

“In May, Pearisburg Police Department took a report of a stolen gun. Officer Mike Spicer of Pearisburg Police contacted me at the Sheriff’s Office to see if anything was showing up on LeadsOnline. I checked several different things and was unable to come up with a firearm, but I was able to locate a knife that his suspect had sold at a business. Spicer was able to verify with his victim that he was also missing a knife. He interviewed his suspect and the suspect denied everything. When he showed his suspect the LeadsOnline ticket for the knife, the suspect’s head dropped! Spicer got a full confession. He told me if it weren’t for LeadsOnline, we probably wouldn’t have solved this one because the business used was so far away and we don’t normally check for things there.”

Sgt. Mason Boggess
Giles County Sheriff’s Office