Hit on stolen firearms reveals convicted felon as the suspect

“LeadsOnline, you are the greatest!!! In early February, I was working on cases of weapons stolen in our city where the serial numbers were not reported. I made contact with a victim of a breaking and entering to an auto that occurred back in July. The victim had a $2,000 competition style gun stolen, and he provided the serial number to me. I immediatley did a search on LeadsOnline and showed that the stolen gun was sold in January. I recovered the gun and found out that the person who sold the gun is a convicted felon for drugs and was just been released from parole! Now this case is being handled by the Feds! Thanks LeadsOnline!!”

Det. Jarl Taylor
Charleston Police Department
West Virginia

Automated reports return hit on gun stolen six years ago

“I received an NCIC Potential Hit on a stolen gun that was pawned at a local gun shop. I was able to verify this was a gun that was stolen in 2007 from Mountain Brook. I seized the gun and returned it to the owner. This would not have been possible without the information from LeadsOnline. Thanks!”

Det. Don Garrett
Mountain Brook Police Department

Stolen gun and commercial vacuum cleaner found in first training session

“During our training session we discovered a stolen gun with the first search we did. Everyone in the department is talking about LeadsOnline! Let’s not forget the stolen commercial vacuum cleaner you helped us find! After the training I went in and found another stolen gun from 2010. Whether you realize it or not you helped get “LEADS” on two separate felonies in one afternoon of training. That is not an everyday occurrence around here at least! Pat yourself on the back!”

Det. Sam Cunningham
Sweetwater Police Department

Suspect arrested after paying bondsman by selling a stolen gun

“One of our ‘regulars’ received bond for selling a stolen gun (found on LeadsOnline, of course). When he got out of jail, he realized he had no money in his pocket to pay the bondsman. How does he make some quick cash? He sells another stolen gun! LeadsOnline alerted me within three days, and he was quickly back in jail. Thanks for all you do at LeadsOnline! This is the best service for Law Enforcement!”

Det. Keith Quattrocchi
Milledgeville Police Department

Hit on one gun could lead to eleven more

“I ran a check on a serial number of a stolen gun on LeadsOnline and the gun came back as sold. This gun was one of twelve guns taken. I hope that this “hit” will give Mobile County Sheriff Office and Brunswick Ga. P.D. enough evidence to recover the other 11 guns that were stolen. Thanks for being there, LeadsOnline.”

Deputy Bryant Myles
Mobile county Sheriff’s Office

Case wouldn’t have been solved without LeadsOnline

“In May, Pearisburg Police Department took a report of a stolen gun. Officer Mike Spicer of Pearisburg Police contacted me at the Sheriff’s Office to see if anything was showing up on LeadsOnline. I checked several different things and was unable to come up with a firearm, but I was able to locate a knife that his suspect had sold at a business. Spicer was able to verify with his victim that he was also missing a knife. He interviewed his suspect and the suspect denied everything. When he showed his suspect the LeadsOnline ticket for the knife, the suspect’s head dropped! Spicer got a full confession. He told me if it weren’t for LeadsOnline, we probably wouldn’t have solved this one because the business used was so far away and we don’t normally check for things there.”

Sgt. Mason Boggess
Giles County Sheriff’s Office

LeadsOnline identifies kidnapping suspect with little information

“We had an aggravated robbery and kidnapping occur with a suspect armed with a handgun. We were able to identify 3 of the 4 suspects and were only provided initials for the unidentified suspect who was the one armed with a handgun. During interviews other suspects advised that the unidentified suspect sold a cell phone in a ecoATM prior to the robbery. A LeadsOnline search identified the armed suspect selling a phone prior to the robbery, thus identifying the suspect and providing video of all suspects together prior to the robbery. The ID led to a warrant being issued for the outstanding suspect for aggravated robbery and kidnapping.”

Sgt. David Adkins
New Lebanon Police Department

Out of state crook couldn’t hide with the help of LeadsOnline

“We had an incident involving a male subject pulling a handgun on a female subject and he threatened to shoot. I was able to locate an address for him and his family in Lenexa, KS via LeadsOnline thanks to him and his mother having sold items at a business in Lenexa within the past year or so. Lenexa Police Department was able to locate him and his vehicle there at the Lenexa address, taking him into custody on a felony warrant for him. A quick search in LeadsOnline greatly helped in locating the suspect.”

Det. Adam Blankenship
Carthage Police Department

Time to fess up

“I was able to arrest a subject last week after recovering over 15 items on LeadsOnline.

The suspect started using ‘crack’ about six months ago and to support his habit he stole jewelry, guns, video games and several other items from neighbors and family members. With the help of LeadsOnline, I recovered almost all of the stolen items.

I was also able to get a confession once I showed [the suspect] the pawn tickets from your system. As a result, warrants were issued yesterday.”

Thank you.”

Det. Sgt. Keith Stumpf
Woodson Terrace Police Department