Rash of retail thefts brought to an end with the help of LeadsOnline

“This summer, a major home improvement center was alerted to a person concealing WIFI thermostats on their person and leaving their store. Loss prevention at this chain reviewed video of the incident and determined that the suspect removed two of these high valued thermostats and left the store without paying. We ran a search of the model number and brand of the thermostat and were able to locate the items being sold at a local business via use of LeadsOnline. Upon looking at photos of the offender from the retail store video and the identification provided to the business by the suspect, we were able to identify the individual who stole the items. Upon further checking of transaction records from LeadsOnline we were able to connect the offender with several other jurisdictions and a rash of retail thefts that were committed there as well. Because of LeadsOnline, we were able to link the offender to several thefts across multiple jurisdictions and counties and bring him and others to justice.”

Lt. John Dossey
Hanover Park Police Department