Thousands of dollars of jewelry returned to owner

“We received a burglary complaint from a woman who reported that several thousands of dollars in jewelry she inherited from her grandmother and mother had been stolen. She submitted a stolen property list with detailed descriptions of the pieces that were taken. I was given the list to see if any of the items had shown up in LeadsOnline. I searched for the more unique pieces and ended up finding 12 pieces that were valued at approximately $6,000. We retrieved the pieces and returned them to their rightful owner. All the pieces were sold by the same individual at two different shops. He already had several burglary charges pending against him this year. Thanks to LeadsOnline, we can add another one to the list!”

CI Anlst. Melinda Thompson
Kentucky State Police – Post 6

Jewelry stolen by relative recovered and returned

“I recently picked up a case where a family believed a relative stole jewelry from the home while they were letting her live there. I entered the woman’s information into LeadsOnline and immediately received a hit. Sure enough, the suspect sold the jewelry to two area stores. I was able to recover a majority of the jewelry (some had already been sent off as “scrap”) and return it to the family. A majority of the jewelry was family heirlooms, and I was happy that I was able to get it back to its rightful owners.”

Det. Raymond Tice
Franklin Police Department