$8,000 worth of family heirlooms are returned to the victims with the help of LeadsOnline

“I was dispatched to a residence. Upon arrival I spoke to the homeowners who stated they had jewelry missing. There were construction workers in the house for the past couple days. They provided me with the names of the workers and the boss. After phone conversations with all of them one was clearly my prime suspect. I ran all of them through LeadsOnline but didn’t get any hits. I ran my main suspect through LinX and found his girlfriend. I ran her through LeadsOnline and found that she had sold a bunch of jewelry. I sent a hold request through LeadsOnline to the business and had my victim meet me at the business the next day to identify the jewelry. There were two hits and two batches of jewelry recovered. Total stolen was about $12,000 total recovered was around $8,000; much of it were family heirlooms from a recently passed mother. I don’t usually let people hug me in uniform but my victim was so overcome with emotion when I found her mother’s wedding and engagement rings I couldn’t say no. Thank you LeadsOnline for giving me resources to help this woman.”

Ofc. Brittany Johnson
Roanoke County Police Department