LeadsOnline and Benton County detective working hard to bring the community together

“One other detective and I attended the LeadsOnline Metal Theft Investigation Training located at the Bentonville Police Department in Northwest Arkansas. Along with the LeadsOnline representative, special agents with the Arkansas Attorney General’s Office presented the material aimed at assisting law enforcement with metal theft investigations. Detective Srader and I had already utilized the LeadsOnline program to assist in solving many crimes committed within and outside of our jurisdiction. Having thought we knew most of what we needed to know about the program, we quickly realized we were mistaken. The LeadsOnline program can be utilized in more ways than we had originally thought. Detective Srader and I are tasked with investigating the majority of the property crimes within our county and we have two main goals. The first of which is to recover the stolen property and return it to the owner and the second is the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator.

Last month, we began utilizing the LeadsOnline system to track down stolen items that had previously been entered into NCIC. Prior to the training received two months ago, Detective Srader and I were unaware that NCIC entries were uploaded into LeadsOnline and would be displayed if the items were sold. After manually looking through several entries involving our jurisdiction, we came across a bolt action rifle that had been reported stolen in 2003. Further investigation revealed the home of the owner was burglarized that year. An investigation never ensued as there was no evidence or leads at that time. In fact, little information was obtained from that investigation because the sheriff’s office had changed their software. The dispatchers that were contacted to confirm the NCIC entry were forced to manually look through old files to find the entry form. Ultimately, we were able to make contact with owner and informed him the rifle had been sold at a business in Springdale, Arkansas earlier this year. During our conversation with the owner, he was in disbelief. Not only had we located his stolen gun but he was amazed that we were still trying to investigate a burglary case from 2003. The owner further stated the rifle contained much sentimental value as it had been passed down through his family and was eventually given to him. The rifle was seized from the business and provided to the owner two days after it was sold. Once again, the owner was in disbelief and was actually speechless as we provided the rifle to him.

I am writing this letter to thank all persons involved with the aforementioned training. Even though they were not present during this investigation, they played a significant role as the owner’s rifle would have never been located without their help. It is cases such as these that help bring communities together and strengthen the bond between law enforcement agencies and the citizens they’ve sworn to serve.”

Det. Scott Sullivan
Benton County Sheriff’s Office

Suspect arrested for scrapping stolen metal outside of sheriff’s jurisdiction

“I located a suspect who was scrapping large amounts of stolen metal, over a couple months, outside of my jurisdiction. After some research, I was able to identify the items as two distinct parts for a train, which were manufactured in our area. After contacting the manufacturing business it was determined that over $30,000 worth of product was stolen. I was able to match up the weight of the stolen product with the weight of the product scrapped at two separate scrap yards by our suspect. This was confirmed by the photos from LeadsOnline and the scrap yards. The same subject also sold various other items, which were retrieved, and I located the business where the items were stolen from. Once the suspect was confronted with the LeadsOnline photos of her scrapping the items she gave a complete confession to the felony theft and a separate burglary.”

Det. Nathan Moravec
Kane County Sheriff’s Office

Hardware store robbed, items recovered less than an hour later

“While investigating a report of theft from a local hardware store, we completed a search of the surrounding areas. By putting a BOLO on these searches, we were alerted 50 minutes later of a transaction. All of the property was recovered, and the suspect was taken into custody after a vehicle pursuit in a neighboring jurisdiction. LeadsOnline helped clear our case!”

Det. Brian Nugent
Avon Police Department

Several burglaries solved in Fernandina Beach with LeadsOnline

“I was assigned a case regarding a burglary to an auto repair/auto sales business. Through my investigation, I developed a person of interest. This person was not from the local area, and I had no way of proving he was in the area during the time of the burglary‚Ķ until I searched LeadsOnline! I was able to solve my burglary, as well as several other burglaries utilizing LeadsOnline. The suspect was in town the day of the burglary selling stolen items from a different burglary that occurred in a different jurisdiction. I recovered stolen tools in both my case and the other agency’s case. Thanks LeadsOnline!”

Det. Michael Mazuryk
Fernandina Beach Police Department

Rash of retail thefts brought to an end with the help of LeadsOnline

“This summer, a major home improvement center was alerted to a person concealing WIFI thermostats on their person and leaving their store. Loss prevention at this chain reviewed video of the incident and determined that the suspect removed two of these high valued thermostats and left the store without paying. We ran a search of the model number and brand of the thermostat and were able to locate the items being sold at a local business via use of LeadsOnline. Upon looking at photos of the offender from the retail store video and the identification provided to the business by the suspect, we were able to identify the individual who stole the items. Upon further checking of transaction records from LeadsOnline we were able to connect the offender with several other jurisdictions and a rash of retail thefts that were committed there as well. Because of LeadsOnline, we were able to link the offender to several thefts across multiple jurisdictions and counties and bring him and others to justice.”

Lt. John Dossey
Hanover Park Police Department

Multi-jurisdictional identity theft case solved via LeadsOnline

“Identity theft suspect identified through LeadsOnline hit. One simple pawn report led me to the true identity of a multi-jurisdictional identity thief. The suspect used the victim’s identity to pawn some property. The video from that store gave me what I needed to positively identify the suspect and add one more count to the charge sheet. LeadsOnline comes through again.”

Det. Paul Armbrust
Lake Forest Park Police Department