According to New York Police, many crimes would go unsolved without LeadsOnline

“A woman came to our department wishing to file a complaint for several thousand dollars worth of jewelry and precious metals stolen from her residence. She was unable to provide a time frame of when this jewelry was taken; however, she did provide the name of a person who had access to her residence and may be responsible for the stolen property. The problem was that there was no evidence linking the stolen property to the suspect. Within minutes of interviewing the victim, I logged on to LeadsOnline and searched the name of the potential suspect. The search revealed that the suspect pawned numerous pieces of jewelry and other precious metals over the course of several months. The LeadsOnline records displayed the dates and times the suspect pawned the items, as well as detailed descriptions and photographs of the property. The victim positively identified the property as the property stolen from her residence. The database also showed a photocopy of the suspect’s driver license that was required to pawn the property. This evidence was crucial for linking the stolen property to the suspect. The suspect was eventually located and arrested for his crimes. Without LeadsOnline, this investigation would have taken weeks of leg work and dozens of man hours with the possibility that this crime may not have been solved. As a Police Officer, Investigator, or Detective, having a resource such as LeadsOnline is an invaluable tool. I can say with certainty that without LeadsOnline, many crimes would go unsolved.”

Ptlm. James Zwijacz
Kirkland Police Department
New York