Kansas police use LeadsOnline as a tool to catch retail thief

“I was assigned a theft case for follow up. The store provided surveillance video of the male suspect walking out of the store with merchandise that was not paid for. The store had no serial number information, and the store video was not clear enough to make a positive Identification from the suspect’s face. A store employee was able to provide us with a license plate on the suspect’s vehicle. I ran the tag, and the registered owner was a female, and not our suspect from the video. I used an online police resource to find names of known associates to the vehicle owner. I located one who was similar to the suspect in the surveillance video. I searched LeadsOnline for the name and found this person sold the same types of items reported stolen in another jurisdiction. The business supplied us with photographs of the suspect who sold the property, and he was wearing the same shirt as he was in the store surveillance video when the item was stolen.”

Det. Matthew Nickel
Leavenworth Police Department

Tools stolen from local businesses and recovered

“While working a local business burglary case where tools were stolen, we checked LeadsOnline and saw that a local person sold tools at two businesses in Salina, Kansas. I contacted the shops and went over to look at the tools that were sold to them. At both shops, it was determined that the tools were the same tools stolen from the business. All the tools were collected, and with evidence from LeadsOnline, the suspect confessed and pled. Thanks!”

Inv. Toby Osburn
Dickinson County Sheriff’s Department

Suspect uses an alias to charge rented power tools to company account and sell them for cash

“Well I don’t claim to be a Rock Star, but I do have a success story. This is actually a traveling theft suspect who was identified through LeadsOnline. He would go to equipment rental businesses and pose as an employee of a well-known construction business. He would then rent a saw or another expensive tool and have the rental company place the item on the business account. He would fail to bring the equipment back and then pawn the equipment at a local secondhand shop. Investigators had success with tracking his thefts via LeadsOnline. The suspect is a parolee and has numerous warrants from Kansas for violation of his parole and theft. He has committed these thefts in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Kansas. This would not have been determined if it weren’t for Leads. Y’all are the Rock Stars!”

Det. Daniel Robbins
Fayetteville Police Department

Murder suspect pawns victim’s gold teeth overlays; Murder solved via LeadsOnline

“The Overland Park Fire Department responded to a fire in an apartment complex. The fire department found the resident lying on the floor. The victim had been stabbed several times in the neck. The fire had been an attempt to cover up the murder. The roommate reported that the last person to be with the victim was his 19 year old son. Reportedly the father and son had been separated for several years and had recently been united. The son also had a cousin that reportedly had some bad feelings towards the victim. At the start of the investigation we had the son identified, but not the cousin. The victim’s family suggested that some of his property may have been missing. I ran a check through LeadsOnline for any activity involving the son or his cousin. I found that the son had pawned some gold teeth overlays the day of the murder. The pawn shop was contacted and the teeth were collected along with the pawn shop’s video of the day. The teeth were identified as the victim’s. The video showed the two suspects entering the pawn shop and the entire transaction.”

Det. Kim Massey
Overland Park Police Department

Out of state crook couldn’t hide with the help of LeadsOnline

“We had an incident involving a male subject pulling a handgun on a female subject and he threatened to shoot. I was able to locate an address for him and his family in Lenexa, KS via LeadsOnline thanks to him and his mother having sold items at a business in Lenexa within the past year or so. Lenexa Police Department was able to locate him and his vehicle there at the Lenexa address, taking him into custody on a felony warrant for him. A quick search in LeadsOnline greatly helped in locating the suspect.”

Det. Adam Blankenship
Carthage Police Department