Arson and insurance fraud case solved by Fire Marshall using LeadsOnline

“We were interviewing a vehicle owner in regards to his vehicle being reported stolen and burned. The owner provided a long list of valuable contents including amps, a stereo, speakers, etc. The owner even provided us with photos of the property in the vehicle. We ran his name through LeadsOnline and saw the same descriptions of items were pawned by him one day prior to his vehicle being ‘stolen and burned.’ When confronted with the evidence (we actually had to go to the pawn shop and seize the property), he confessed to insurance fraud and arson of a motor vehicle.”

Inv. Dustin Deutsch
Harris County Fire Marshall

Victim files false claim; tries to defraud insurance company

“I got a case where someone was reporting that their wedding ring was stolen, so I ran the reporting party on Leads. At first only a TV was pawned in her name. I adjusted the dates and there you go, she pawned the wedding ring several months before. I called the pawn shop and they confirmed that the wedding ring was still there. I confronted the person making this report, and she admitted to lying about everything because she wanted the insurance money. Thanks LeadsOnline, another case solved and person charged.”

Inv. Richard Filter
Fort Carson Police Department

LeadsOnline Statement Analysis proves guilt

“A truck driver called 911 reporting 4 men were trying to break into his semi while he was parked on an off ramp on one of our highways. While the trucker was on 911, gun shots were heard over the phone and the truck driver claimed he had been shot and stabbed. During the 911 call, the truck driver whispered to the dispatcher “tell my wife I love her” and the call then went dead. When units arrived on scene they discovered the semi had several bullet holes through the driver door. The truck driver was lying in front of the semi with a superficial cut to his abdomen and no gunshot wounds. Evidence at the scene and the 911 recording did not side with the alleged victim’s side of the story. Investigators discovered during the investigation the alleged victim had filed similar reports in the past with the county he resided in. One of the many tools we use to determine the alleged victim’s truthfulness was the LeadsOnline Statement Analysis. The analysis of course determined the alleged victim was not telling the truth. The alleged victim was charged for numerous felonies and was later found guilty. Thanks, LeadsOnline!”

Det. Adam Clark
Van Wert County Sheriff’s Office