Caretaker caught stealing jewelry

“I was investigating a case where the suspect was a caretaker for the victim’s husband. I checked the suspect through Leads and located my victim’s ring, along with a few other items the victim didn’t realize were missing yet. I obtained a warrant for the suspect.”

Det. Jason Hammond
Farmington Hills Police

Ex-girlfriend burglarizes home

“I was assigned a case of a potential home invasion. I asked the homeowners if they were aware of any possible suspects, and they told me they thought that their son’s ex-girlfriend could be a possible suspect. I made multiple searches into LeadsOnline and found the stolen property sold to a jewelry store in nearby Taylor, Michigan by the father of the suspect. We retrieved the stolen property that was valued at roughly $2,000-$3,000. I prepared a search warrant for the suspect’s home, and the home of her father, where more stolen property was recovered. We even recovered a necklace that was not originally reported. After the search was completed, I arrested the suspect. Thank you LeadsOnline for your help in assisting with the prosecution of another criminal!”

Det. Erik Kaledas
Canton Police Department

Law enforcement solves cases more efficiently using LeadsOnline

“Recently, LeadsOnline helped me successfully close a couple of cases. With both cases, I ran a suspect name and searched it in the LeadsOnline database. I located one victim’s wedding ring and another victim’s iPod. Both incidents were solved in a very timely manner because of LeadsOnline. Before LeadsOnline, we had to use mail and wait for police departments to enter data. My recent cases may have taken several weeks, if ever, to solve without LeadsOnline. I wish Michigan would create state legislation to make it mandatory for all reporting businesses to use.”

Det. Bradley Connell
White Lake Township Police Department

Multi-jurisdictional home invasion cases closed with LeadsOnline

“We had several home invasions reported where suspects were stealing jewelry and electronics. I used LeadsOnline to track down one of the homeowner’s jewelry, resulting in thousands of dollars of recovered property. This led investigators to suspects who had just committed another home invasion, and we recovered several guns and ammo. LeadsOnline assisted law enforcement to close several multi-jurisdictional home invasion cases and put a crew in prison! Thank you.”

Det. Michele Miller
Oakland County Sheriff’s Office Independence Township

Michigan police upgrade to LeadsOnline; Rapidly recover $10,000 ring

“We recently had a theft of a ring valued at $10,000 from a local hotel room. One of our deputies was able to find that the ring was sold at a local store using LeadsOnline. The ring was recovered and has been returned to the owner. A suspect has been identified and will be prosecuted for the theft. The ease of use of LeadsOnline allows our deputies and detectives to search for items quickly. Without LeadsOnline, the delay in receiving information on pawns all but makes it impossible to recover stolen items promptly. This is just one of our many recoveries using your excellent system. Thank You.”

Capt. Randy Fewless
Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Office

Gun stolen 16 years ago found via LeadsOnline

“I just wanted to let you know that I recovered another pistol. The Smith and Wesson model 39-2 was reported stolen from Clinton County, Michigan in 1996. I used the NCIC function to search other ORI for possible hits. This pistol was pawned on 05-11-2012 and I got a hit on the serial number the next day. Any agency that does not use the LeadsOnline program is overlooking a lot of stolen property! Thanks for the great work!”

Det. Fred McKown
Elko Police Department

LeadsOnline proves successful in returning stolen firearms

“I used LeadsOnline to perform a search for two stolen guns, which led to recovery of those weapons. I performed a name search on a possible suspect to locate the weapons. The weapons have been confiscated for evidence, and the case is now proceeding to prosecution. NO other evidence was found at the crime scene, and only LeadsOnline produced the evidence I needed to name a suspect.”

Det. Matthew Howe
Oakland County Sheriff’s Office

Stolen firearm from 1986 home burglary recovered in Kentucky

“I was reviewing our NCIC hits and noticed a stolen shotgun was sold in Richmond, Kentucky. The transaction described an Ithaca model 37, 12-gauge shotgun, with a specific serial number. The NCIC listed the original case to Milford Police Department (Michigan). I read the original report which was listed as a home invasion that occurred in 1986 in the Township of Milford. Upon comparing the pawn information against that of a shotgun taken during the incident, I realized they were the same. I contacted the business in Kentucky and requested a hold. I also contacted Richmond PD and an investigator with that department verified the shotgun in the shop was the one stolen in 1986. The shotgun was subsequently recovered. There was no indication the current owner of the shotgun had knowledge of the home invasion.”

Sgt. Scott Tarasiewicz
Milford Police Department

LeadsOnline provides victims with a smile

“In March, a stolen Smith & Wesson revolver was identified. The gun was stolen in July of 1986. The firearm was stolen in Michigan and sold in Arizona. Great service! Time to reach out to another victim and provide them with a smile.”

Sgt. K. Weir
Oakland County Sheriff’s Office

Case closed before the ink dries – everybody wins!

“A suspect stole a necklace valued at approximately $2,000 from a retail store, and he ran to his vehicle and fled. Within 15 minutes, officers spotted the vehicle, but the suspect denied ever being in the store, etc. When store security video matched the driver, officers began searching the vehicle for the necklace, while the suspect continuously changed his story about its whereabouts. He first said he dropped it, and then he threw it into a field, etc. We knew it was a long shot, but we entered his name into LeadsOnline and found he had just sold it at an area jewelry store about 18 minutes earlier. The ink probably wasn’t even dry on the receipt yet! The amount he was paid was the exact amount of cash he had on him when he was arrested. The store got its necklace back, the pawn store got their money back, and the suspect is still trying to figure out how his stories fell apart so fast!”

Sharon Konfara
Westland Police Department

Michigan detectives solve cyber crime in no time with eBay First Responder Service

“Day shift took a report of two-way radios being taken out of 17 trucks over the weekend. A detective was assigned the case and began following up on it. He searched for the radios on eBay with LeadsOnline, looking for postings of radios for sale and found a hit. The detective then drilled down in the records for the seller of the radios. Those records identified a Pontiac woman’s eBay account. An interview of the woman produced confession of her involvement in the theft and sale. The case is still being investigated to identify the male involved in the theft with the Pontiac woman.”

Lt. Jim McDonnell
Auburn Hills Police Department

University employee arrested for embezzlement of school property

“While searching local stores for a stolen iPad in July, I found that a subject had pawned eight iPads within a few weeks. The subject was found to be an employee of the University and had access to the iPads. The serial numbers were checked through the University’s records and found to belong to the University. The property was recovered, an arrest was made, and the subject pled guilty to embezzlement.”

Officer Shana Thompson
Eastern Michigan University Police Department