Suspect arrested after stealing 10 guitars and jewelry

“We had a home burglary where a victim reported 10 expensive guitars stolen from his collection. One of the guitars was located in a local business because of a LeadsOnline search. This led to the recovery of all 10 of the stolen guitars, and the identification of a suspect. We learned the suspect had also stolen jewelry from his roommate. Over $10,000 in jewelry and another guitar was reported stolen. The guitar and the majority of jewelry was recovered. Additional charges on the suspect were made and both incidents were cleared by arrest.”

Lt. Gail Russell – FBINAA #181
Bradford County Sheriff’s Office

New Mexico detective follows the trail leading to the offender

“The Los Lunas Police Department had a call at a local residence for an aggravated burglary where several musical instruments were stolen along with two handguns. A LeadsOnline search for the musical instruments showed that two instruments, a saxophone and a piano accordion, were sold in Albuquerque. The items were recovered which led us to the person who sold the items and that person led detectives to the actual offender of the burglary. A search warrant was served on the offender’s residence where one of the stolen firearms was recovered, the offender was charged for the stolen firearm as well as other charges.”

Det. Sgt. John Valdez
Los Lunas Police Department
New Mexico

Musical instruments stolen from University music building; Recovered using LeadsOnline

“The University of Texas Police Department was able to recover approximately $10,000 worth of musical instruments that were taken in a burglary from the music building two weeks earlier. As a result of LeadsOnline, we were able to recover the musical instruments in another city and charge the suspect in this case with burglary. I have also cleared another case in which the same suspect was involved as a result information provided to me through LeadsOnline. Thank you, LeadsOnline, for providing me with one of the best systems for solving property crimes.”

Sgt. Donna Maga
Criminal Investigation
University of Texas Police Department