Suspect arrested after renting and selling tools from five separate rental businesses

“Just wanted to pass along another success story. I’m finishing the investigation on a case that started out with my suspect renting equipment from a tool rental business and then never returning it. Thanks to LeadsOnline, I found the suspect sold the equipment to a pawn shop the same day he rented it. The suspect was having the equipment charged to the state of Indiana. After checking further, I found that he sold equipment that he rented from five other equipment businesses over a period of a month. Due to LeadsOnline, we have been able to recover almost all of the equipment with a total value of nearly $30,000. Great work on your guys’ part, and thanks for having a great resource for us to use.”

Det. Larry Craciunoiu
Indianapolis Police Department

Suspect uses an alias to charge rented power tools to company account and sell them for cash

“Well I don’t claim to be a Rock Star, but I do have a success story. This is actually a traveling theft suspect who was identified through LeadsOnline. He would go to equipment rental businesses and pose as an employee of a well-known construction business. He would then rent a saw or another expensive tool and have the rental company place the item on the business account. He would fail to bring the equipment back and then pawn the equipment at a local secondhand shop. Investigators had success with tracking his thefts via LeadsOnline. The suspect is a parolee and has numerous warrants from Kansas for violation of his parole and theft. He has committed these thefts in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Kansas. This would not have been determined if it weren’t for Leads. Y’all are the Rock Stars!”

Det. Daniel Robbins
Fayetteville Police Department