Police discover retail thieves and secondhand clerk working together

“While working a burglary case, I found similar items being sold at a local business. Further investigation revealed these were not the items; however, after going back approximately 10 months, it was found this subject and another girl had pawned about $50,000 worth of new items. I was able to determine the Rosetta Stone items had been shipped to a local Target, and while working with their loss prevention, they were able to go back on video and see the suspects on tape stealing these items. After making the arrest on the two suspects, we discovered the pawn shop clerk was also involved, and with the help of Target loss prevention donating items to be sold, we were able to make an arrest on the pawn shop clerk. We recovered approximately $5,000 worth of items that the shop still had.”

Inv. Bryant Hinson
Richland County Sheriff’s Department
South Carolina