One criminal, two victims, three states; Shreveport makes it look as easy as 1-2-3

“Thanks to LeadsOnline our Investigations Bureau was able to locate multiple pieces of stolen jewelry that was stolen from an elderly couple here in Shreveport, LA. The stolen gold jewelry was sold to a business in Shreveport and also to one in Arkansas. A Felony warrant was obtained and the suspect was arrested in Tyler, Texas. The suspect was then extradited back to Louisiana for the charges. Thanks to the LeadsOnline system and their helpful customer service, we were able to close this case out with an arrest.”

Det. Daniel Albrecht
Shreveport Police Department

LeadsOnline brings law enforcement out of stone age

“On our second day using LeadsOnline, we discovered an internal theft problem that had been ongoing for over two years. I have been a police officer, industrial security specialist, and licensed private investigator for nearly twenty years. I have solved numerous burglaries, thefts, and scams by utilizing information I could gain from pawn shops and second hand stores. I had to do it during the stone-age when you had to go around to the different agencies and go through stacks and stacks of IBM computer paper printouts searching line by line. This took hours, if not days at times. LeadsOnline is one of the finest tools for law-enforcement that I have had the privilege to use lately. Again, I want to thank you for introducing it to our small university police department.”

Sgt. Steve Fomby
Centenary College Police Department