Victim gets her one of a kind, custom ring returned with the help of LeadsOnline

“Our first case solved using LeadsOnline resulted in the recovery of a stolen $45,000 ring. My victim reported her ring stolen. She suspected her daughter had taken the ring and may have sold it to a mail in gold buyer as she had recently received literature in the mail from one of them. When I got the got case the following day a quick check of the daughter’s name through LeadsOnline revealed one transaction. That transaction was the sale of her mother’s ring for $6,500 dollars to a high end jewelry buyer in Chicago. I contacted the buyer and was able to recover the ring three days after it was reported stolen. In the end the victim decided not to pursue charges against her daughter, but she got her one of a kind custom designed ring back and was extremely grateful for its return. ”

Det. Jeffrey Lang
South Barrington Police Department