16 felony charges against Target’s Blu-ray thieves

“We had a guy who was stealing hundreds of Blu-ray movies from local Target stores. In two incidents he was stopped by security but produced an expandable baton and fled. We only had photos to go off of. We then searched Blu-rays through LeadsOnline. We compared the MVD photos of those people until we located our guy. We charged him and his neighbor with 16 felony charges.”

Det. Jeff Baker
Tucson Police Department

Suspect who receives a refund for property that has never been sold gets caught

“Earlier this summer, while reviewing LeadsOnline, I discovered (while using the residents pawning outside our jurisdiction option) that a female had been selling gift cards for four consecutive days. Upon looking into the issue further I learned (by admission from the suspect) that she would wake up every day, go into Target or Walmart, remove property from the shelf, walk directly up to the return counter, ask for a refund and receive a gift card for the amount of the merchandise. LeadsOnline’s features are awesome! Thanks!”

Det. Jason Threlkeld
Miamisburg Police Department