Shotgun stolen in Alaska recovered two years later in the lower 48

“Shortly after learning how to use LeadsOnline, I found that someone had pawned a shotgun in a pawn shop in our agency’s jurisdiction (Centralia, Washington) that matched a shotgun that had been stolen out of Talkeetna, Alaska in 2009. I faxed the information to Alaska State Troopers. They called our local pawn shop and verified that it was their stolen gun. One of our officers picked up the gun from the pawn shop and we have sent it back to Alaska so that it can be returned to its owner.”

Rec. Cl. Carin Haldy
Centralia Police Department

Rapid search of NCIC hits leads Washington police to wanted felon

“I was looking for stolen property and made a sudden decision to look at our NCIC hits while I waited for a phone call, and it really paid off. I found a rifle pawned in Kennewick that matched a rifle reported stolen out of Adams County, Washington. This led to identifying the offender, who had several aliases, eight felony warrants out of Nevada and one in Utah. The Adams County, Benton County and Elko County investigations led to locating him in Nebraska. When Nebraska authorities made contact with him, he fled in a vehicle and abandoned it to run on foot. He hid in a national park for several days before surrendering. Stolen firearms were located in the pickup he was driving. And to think, it’s all because I was waiting on a phone call.”

Det. Rick Runge
Kennewick Police

LeadsOnline identifies suspects that other programs cannot

“I was working a series of home invasion robberies in our city. All I had to identify one of the suspects was a phone number and a description. I checked our police database; no record. I checked our pay-for-use online nationwide database; no record. I searched the internet, but only got the city for the cell phone subscriber. When I ran the phone number with LeadOnline, it gave me the name of my suspect, and showed he sold one of the items stolen during the robbery! This information helped me to author a search warrant that led to the recovery of several more stolen items well as four guns, two of which were confirmed stolen. Four people total were charged in the robberies, and the suspect I identified through LeadsOnline gave a confession. He received over six years in prison and agreed to testify against the gunman, who is looking at 21+ years. Thanks LeadsOnline!”

Det. Martin Garland
Bremerton Police Department

Instant hit via LeadsOnline leads police to violent robber

“During the investigation of a violent robbery, a key witness identified the main suspect by first name and phone number only. All local databases were checked with no success in identifying this suspect. Detective Jeff VanderVeer, the lead investigator, requested that I run the phone number through LeadsOnline. This resulted in the identification of the suspect.”

Det. B Clary
City of Federal Way Police Department

Multi-jurisdictional identity theft case solved via LeadsOnline

“Identity theft suspect identified through LeadsOnline hit. One simple pawn report led me to the true identity of a multi-jurisdictional identity thief. The suspect used the victim’s identity to pawn some property. The video from that store gave me what I needed to positively identify the suspect and add one more count to the charge sheet. LeadsOnline comes through again.”

Det. Paul Armbrust
Lake Forest Park Police Department

Washington police arrest “victim”; solve insurance fraud case using LeadsOnline

“Today, I found out from Auburn PD that the person who pawned the property stole from an Auburn burglary was, in fact, the victim. That pretty much explains why he drove to Bellevue to pawn his stuff. Not surprisingly, he has a long history of arrests in Auburn. That list of arrests will get longer this week since the Auburn detective is going to arrest him for insurance fraud.”

Det. Gregory Bean
Bellevue Police Department