Heirloom jewelry thief caught thanks to online records system

“Earlier this year I received a report of several weapons that were taken from a resident. A suspect was listed, but she was not a resident of this city. I checked her through LeadsOnline, but there were no results for her selling any weapons. I did discover, through LeadsOnline, that she had sold a large amount of jewelry at various locations. The complainant in the case had no idea that any jewelry was missing. During my interview with the suspect admitted she sold all of the jewelry and told me that the complainant’s deceased mother wanted her to have it. Not true. She was filed on for the theft.”

Inv. Gary Bishop
Navasota Police Department

Texas detective uses LeadsOnline to unveil that victim’s son is the burglar who stole her jewelry and weapons

“I was recently working a home burglary case in which the complainant just knew it was her neighbors who had broken into her home and stolen all her jewelry and weapons. After a quick check with LeadsOnline, I discovered the complainant’s son had sold all the stolen items. She did not wish to press charges on her son and she paid to get most of her items back. Plus she apologized to her neighbors for falsely accusing them. Thanks LeadsOnline!”

Det. Cleveland Dominy
Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office