Tennessee Police arrest suspect for selling stolen property outside their jurisdiction

“Ever since receiving a free trial of your program last year and seeing firsthand what it is capable of, I have been actively attempting to get our department hooked up with LeadsOnline. Our agency is a small 20+ man department north of Nashville, Tennessee, and as many other law enforcement professionals are aware, it can be difficult to find money for something new. Luckily, we were able to find room in the budget and give LeadsOnline a chance. Our agency has only had the program a short time; however, I found an item that was sold 30 miles away by one of our residents. The item matched the description of something that was taken during a burglary the previous night. I printed off the ticket provided by LeadsOnline and went to speak with the suspect. Long story short, he finally broke down and confessed to the burglary after being confronted with the copy of the ticket. He then proceeded to give me the rest of the stolen items in his possession. This individual had no criminal history and would not have been considered a suspect. Needless to say, if not for the LeadsOnline program, he might have got away with this crime. LeadsOnline has been an awesome resource and I would highly recommend it to other agencies. I look forward to all of the future cases that will be solved using this program.”

Det. Jason Shapton
White House Police Department