Thousands in stolen jewelry recovered; detectives search Texas and Florida using LeadsOnline

“I was recently assigned a theft case in which a woman working for a house cleaning company was suspected of stealing $10,000 in jewelry. My initial LeadsOnline search with the suspect’s name revealed 38 pawn transactions within the proceeding 60 days. This LeadsOnline hit included the pawn transaction where the suspect pawned the victim’s jewelry. I subsequently broadened my search and found that since this same suspect has 98 pawn transactions in the past year with an estimated street value of approximately $80,000. A second agency has now contacted me with another victim of this same suspect. We expect many more victims to be identified and several other agencies in at least two counties to become involved in this expanding investigation. LeadsOnline has been a HUGE help to solve this case. I have just issued three arrest warrants (1 Felony / 2 Class A” Misdemeanors) against this suspect who has reportedly fled to Florida… but she can’t hide from you guys there…””

Det. Darrell Gibson
Travis County Sheriff’s Office