Three jewelry cases solved in Louisiana

“Within the last two weeks, I solved three theft cases with LeadsOnline. The first case involved a couple going through a divorce where the victim’s ex-husband sold her personal jewelry she acquired before their marriage. I recovered seven pieces of jewelry belonging to the victim, valued at several thousand dollars. The second case involved a son selling his parent’s belongings. I located jewelry and tools, valued at several thousand dollars, from three different businesses in our area. The third case involved a gentleman stealing jewelry from his roommate. I was able to recover two pieces of jewelry that were left to the roommate by his mother. These cases were solved and property was recovered due to the LeadsOnline system. From these cases, I also gained five theft cases on behalf of my local stores. This system has also allowed me to recover stolen property for three other agencies because it was sold in our Parish. Thanks for all you do to help with our cases.”

Det. Jerry Coyne
St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office