Tracking down stolen GPS units

“SeaTac International Airport and the surrounding area has recently experienced a significant spike in vehicle break-ins at local parking lots. As the case progressed, a victim provided the serial number to their Garmin portable navigation system that had been stolen. As a result detectives immediately checked the LeadsOnLine database and found someone had recently pawned the device. With the information from the pawn records they checked local Field Interview Reports and found the same individual was also listed as the registered owner of a vehicle observed in the area of recent criminal activity. As a result, the Port of Seattle Police Criminal Investigation Division and ProAct Unit began surveillance of the suspect. Within hours they were able to follow the suspect to a bank and watched as he cashed a yet-to-be reported check stolen from another vehicle prowl. The suspect was arrested as he drove away. Because of the LeadsOnLine information, the Port of Seattle Police were able to quickly arrest the suspect further minimizing the impact to the community, clear approximately 20 vehicle prowls, and recover and return a substantial amount of personal property to the victims.”

Cdr. Ken Irwin
Port of Seattle Police Department