Two stolen saws recovered and returned to the owner

“I took a report months ago on a breaking and entering case. The suspects took two chainsaws, and the victim called the store he purchased them from to obtain the model and serial numbers. I just registered with LeadsOnline the day before I got this report. When I returned back to the office I signed on to LeadsOnline, entered the serial numbers, and found one of the saws. After going to the shop, I got video footage and a copy of the suspect’s driver’s license. I also seized the saw before anyone was able to purchase it. Even though they have not yet been arrested, I found out who my suspect was through this awesome website. I got a call the next day from the shop, and they advised us there was a male in there who was trying to sell the other saw. When I arrived I found out the suspect sold him the saw in the parking lot after the shop refused to buy it. I seized it and returned both stolen saws to the owner. Thank you LeadsOnline. I will for sure be using your help from now on. I just wish I had been on board a long time ago.”

Sr. Dep. Heath Jones
Jackson County Sheriff’s Office
North Carolina