Valuables nearly 200 years old recovered in Miami Florida with modern police technology.

“Our district in Miami began experiencing a high level of residential burglaries. One burglary occurred where multiple pieces of jewelry were taken. One of the pieces was a Gold liberty coin from the 1800s encased into a charm with diamonds. I met with the victim which provided a photo of the items and was distraught of having them taken from her bedroom. She said the jewelry had been in her family for generations. I then conducted a LeadsOnline search of a suspect’s name, which had been arrested for an attempted burglary in the area near the victim’s home. The search showed the suspect sold jewelry with a similar description to the victim’s jewelry on the same day the victim reported her burglary. I then went to the Jewelry store and photographed the items. The photo was then shown to the victim, which immediately began to cry and positively identified the items as hers. She also provided vintage photos of her wearing the 1800’s Livery coin charm. The items were then surrendered by the store, and the suspect was arrested and charged. If not for LeadsOnline, the victim would more than likely never have seen her belongings again. LeadsOnline is great.”

Ofc. Julian Cotto
Miami Police Department