Vehicle burglary solved in less than 24 hours

“LeadsOnline does it again! I took a report of a vehicle burglary in Boise. The victim is in town temporarily for medical treatments. I was not given a serial number for the two cordless drills stolen, but decided to search for one of them due to its unique model name `Black and Decker Cyclone drill.` The next day, I received notification from LeadsOnline that a match had been found! A person of interest pawned two drills the day of the burglary, one of which was the Black and Decker (though it was entered as a Super Cyclone, LeadsOnline still matched it). I contacted the shop, and they verified the drill did have the victim’s name etched on it. An arrest is pending, and the victim will get his drills back. I cannot thank the staff of LeadsOnline enough for the service they offer and the continued support of law enforcement. THANK YOU!”

Rick Nielsen
Boise City Police