Victim is brought to teams when police recover her stolen cello worth $37,000

“There was a home burglary where the victim had a laptop, TV and a cello stolen. The cello was a Nikolai Tambosky valued at $37,000. The victim described the loss of the cello as being as bad as someone losing a husband. I looked up to see if any cellos had been pawned and they had not. The cello didn’t have a serial number so it could not be entered into NCIC. I saved my search in LeadsOnline. I received an IP address from the stolen computer. After doing an inquisition subpoena on the IP address and waiting to hear back from the court I didn’t locate anything at that address. I closed the case due to lack of evidence. I then received an email from LeadsOnline that over a month after the burglary, a cello was pawned. I went to the pawnshop and located the victim’s cello. I took it to her work, and she broke down and cried telling me she hasn’t slept in over a month! Thank you LeadsOnline, it would not have been located without you!”

Det. Jeri Cole
Topeka Police Department