Weed eater stolen from front yard, found a week later

“We took a report from a resident who said they were using their new Stihl weed eater in the front yard when it ran out of string. They took the spool off the weed eater, and went to the garage to re-spool it. Upon returning within minutes to finish the job, the new Stihl weed eater was gone so they filed a theft report. It took the complainant a little over a week to provide us with the model and serial number, but once we had that information, we entered the weed eater into LeadsOnline. Not checking my hit list every day (like I will now) my LeadsOnline rep. called me and reminded me to check my hit list because there were alerts waiting. After a little follow up investigation, we did an early morning wakeup call to our suspect. On the way back to PD, after stopping for coffee, we just so happened to drive by the house where the weed eater was stolen from and the suspect said, ‘That’s the house I took the weed eater from.’ End of story thanks to LeadsOnline.”

Det. Jeff Norton
Amberley Village Police Department