Another Colorado garage burglary case closed thanks to LeadsOnline

“A burglary took place in our city during the late night/early morning hours where suspects entered an open garage and stole a bicycle and numerous tools. The serial number for the bicycle was obtained and entered on NCIC/CCIC. The victim could not locate serial numbers to any of the tools. I searched LeadsOnline for tools that had been stolen and saw that an individual pawned an air compressor and a compound miter saw within hours of the burglary. I contacted the victim and asked him if the two tools had any unique descriptors. I then examined the tools at the shop and based on his description, the two tools belonged to the victim. I then filed felony charges on the suspect and was able to return the two items to the victim. This is a case where you don’t always need the serial numbers to locate stolen property (though serial numbers make it a lot easier). I use LeadsOnline every day, and it is a tremendous investigative tool. Thanks!”

Det. David Mozell
Lakewood Police Department