California police get NCIC hit on stolen Rolex watch with LeadsOnline

“LeadsOnline alerted me to an NCIC hit on a stolen Rolex watch. I was able to do a NCIC check on the watch and it came back stolen during a residential burglary out of Sunnvale DPS. The suspect was a known probationer and known for drug and theft related crimes. I contacted the investigating officer and informed him of the location of the watch. The officer said he had a possible suspect in mind, and when I told him the Rolex was sold to a pawn shop in Oakland and I had the seller’s driver’s license number and photograph the Sunnyvale officer was able to confirm his suspect was involved in the burglary. All this information was forwarded to Sunnyvale for additional follow up with their case. Thanks again LeadsOnline.”

Det. Jacob Blass
Fremont Police Department