Camera stolen by employee at camera shop

“I recently received a possible hit on three items through LeadsOnline for stolen property. I confirmed that the property was stolen through NCIC and pulled the initial reports from my agency. Once I verified that all of the information from LeadsOnline was correct, I contacted the pawn shop where the items were pawned and recovered two of the three items that were stolen. The third item had already been sold by the pawn shop, but hopefully we will recover it. The first item was a Sony Playstation 3 and warrants will be signed on the suspect for that incident. The second item that was recovered is a Nikon D90 digital camera recovered on worth $1,049.99. The item was recovered and when I contacted the camera store that the item belonged to, the employee who answered the phone admitted to the crime. She was arrested for Grand Larceny and was immediately fired by her employer.”

Det. E.J. Tipton
Charleston Police Department
West Virginia