Fellow police officer’s stolen firearm returned with the help of LeadsOnline

“I was working a residential burglary case where the victim, who is a police officer, had several firearms stolen. I checked the suspect through LeadsOnline and was able to locate and recover all firearms, which were sold at several different locations. Using LeadsOnline not only helped me develop and confirm my suspect, but it made it very easy to quickly recover the property.”

Det. Jason Smith
Tomball Police Department

Property recovered after Kentucky State Trooper’s home was burglarized

“A Kentucky State Trooper’s home was burglarized. Several items were taken including his uniform, badge, duty weapons, military medals, military gear, and his duty taser. I searched LeadsOnline every day attempting to find any of the Trooper’s items. A few weeks later, I got a hit through NCIC on his duty taser in another state. This resulted in the arrest of two individuals that we were also able to connect to five other burglaries. I was then able to search their names through LeadsOnline, and this led us to more possible stolen items. Most of the personal property from these burglaries has been returned to the victims including multiple guns, jewelry, and other items. At this time, we are still recovering property and other charges are pending.”

Analyst Christopher Daniels
Kentucky State Police

LeadsOnline helps solve cases without any leads

“I just have to say, LeadsOnline is an essential tool if you are investigating property crimes. To date I have been able to recover stolen property ranging from firearms, jewelry, electronics, and so much more. There have been times in my investigations where there is no physical evidence to go off of, which we all know happens a lot. LeadsOnline has helped me solve cases that otherwise would have never gone anywhere. As soon as I’m assigned a new case, the first thing I do is search the serial number; or description on LeadsOnline. You guys have become such an important asset. Thank you!”

Inv. Cayce Hampton
Henderson County Sheriff’s Office

LeadsOnline helps close cases in minutes

“Using LeadsOnline, I was able to find a stolen rifle that was taken from a vehicle overnight. I had no suspect information or physical evidence to process. LeadsOnline was able to provide me a suspect and location of the stolen gun that was sold in another city. Without LeadsOnline, checking local businesses would be a time consuming task. I completed the case in minutes, and it would have otherwise taken me hours. Thank you LeadsOnline.”

Det. Matthew Miller
Xenia Police Department

Georgia police hail LeadsOnline as the best crime fighting tool

“Another case solved thanks to LeadsOnline. I was assigned a case involving a vehicle break-in. All leads were exhausted and the case was placed on inactive status. While doing my daily LeadsOnline review, I received an NCIC hit for our agency. The hit was for a firearm that had been stolen out of the vehicle in my case. The firearm was recovered, returned to the owner and an arrest was made. This would not have been possible without LeadsOnline. This is the best crime fighting tool and service for property crime investigators that I have come across in my 24 year career in law enforcement.”

Inv. Steve Kimbel
Madison County Sheriff’s Office

LeadsOnline makes catching thieves easier

“A rancher in Webb County reported an expensive saddle, guns, and tools as stolen. Using LeadsOnline, I got a hit on the stolen saddle, assorted carpenters tools, and some drills. Unfortunately, the weapons were not pawned, but the suspect will be brought in for an interview on the whereabouts of the weapons. Thanks LeadsOnline for your help, it really makes my job of catching thieves easier.”

Sgt. David Liendo
Webb County Sheriff’s Department

Stolen firearms returned to victim within three days of initial theft

“One of our officers took a burglary report where multiple guns were stolen from a residence. I received this case and used LeadsOnline to locate all the weapons at a nearby business. LeadsOnline allowed me to gather more information on a suspect that I was already looking at. After the victim made a positive identification on the weapons, I tracked down the suspect and was able to gather a full confession. This suspect has committed several thefts recently, and I am pleased to announce that his bond has been revoked, and he will be in jail and off the streets for quite some time. Thanks to LeadsOnline, I closed a case with an arrest and returned all property to the victim within three days. Thanks again LeadsOnline.”

Inv. Michael Kane
Weaver Police Department

Christmas comes early when firearm is recovered 16 years after being stolen

“I was able to identify and recover a Winchester pump shotgun that was stolen from a Korean War Veteran’s home in 2000. Yes, you read that right-16 years ago! I couldn’t have only done this without the assistance of LeadsOnline. The victim stated that at his age of 84, he didn’t ever think that he would see his shotgun again. He relayed a story to me about the gun being given to him by his uncle who adopted him when he was a small child. He stated that out of all the things that were stolen that day, the shotgun was his prize possession because of it being a gift from the man who raised him. I would like to thank LeadsOnline on behalf of this man and all of the other victims that your service has helped. The victim stated that Christmas came early this year and he was overjoyed!”

Sgt. Detective Ellen Scheirer
Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office

Hit on one gun could lead to eleven more

“I ran a check on a serial number of a stolen gun on LeadsOnline and the gun came back as sold. This gun was one of twelve guns taken. I hope that this “hit” will give Mobile County Sheriff Office and Brunswick Ga. P.D. enough evidence to recover the other 11 guns that were stolen. Thanks for being there, LeadsOnline.”

Deputy Bryant Myles
Mobile county Sheriff’s Office

Stolen rifle missing since 1983 retrieved thanks to LeadsOnline

“Surry County Sheriff’s Office located a Ruger Carbine 44 magnum rifle in Winston Salem. I assisted in the recovery and was shocked to learn the gun had been stolen since 1983. Simply amazing that something could be stolen almost longer than I have been alive and then located. Simply awesome. Without LeadsOnline, this would not have been located. Thank you.”

Investigator Michael Griffith
Winston Salem Police Department
North Carolina

LeadsOnline proves its purpose

“We talked in April about getting LeadsOnline. After our conversation, I made the comment to the other investigators that it was great that LeadsOnline was helping them, but I was ready for a turn. Twenty minutes later, I was assigned a case and LeadsOnline helped me recover two stolen guns in a matter of minutes. Awesome. Thanks again.”

Officer Lanis Geluso
Virginia Beach Police Department

LeadsOnline provides victims with a smile

“In March, a stolen Smith & Wesson revolver was identified. The gun was stolen in July of 1986. The firearm was stolen in Michigan and sold in Arizona. Great service! Time to reach out to another victim and provide them with a smile.”

Sgt. K. Weir
Oakland County Sheriff’s Office

LeadsOnline re-opens suspended case

“In 2012, our agency took a report of a burglary with several hundred dollars of firearms stolen. There was no suspect at the time, and a preliminary investigation turned up no leads. The case has been suspended. In February, we received information through LeadsOnline, showing one of the stolen rifles was sold in a neighboring county. LeadsOnline has allowed the investigation to continue and will hopefully lead to arrests in our case.”

Detective Shane Jones
Ada Police Department

LeadsOnline recovers meaningful item for victim

“In January, I was conducting my NCIC audit in LeadsOnline. I found a firearm had been sold in a neighboring county which had been flagged. After pulling the Microfiche, I confirmed the firearm as being stolen. I contacted the business and put a hold on the firearm. In February, I recovered the stolen firearm from the neighboring police agency which had picked up the gun for me. This firearm was stolen in 1984 and for the last 32 years it had been owned by several people. The victim was contacted and we learned her Grandfather had given her the gun when she turned 19 years of age. After she picked up the gun from our facility she was extremely happy to have such a sentimental item back after all these years. Another great example how LeadsOnline is a valuable tool for law enforcement.”

AR15 is A-OK after being recovered

“In November, a family had someone enter their home and steal jewelry that was worth several thousands of dollars. They also stole several guns, one being a Rock River AR15. The following March, I got a hit from LeadsOnline on a Rock River AR15 that was sold to a business. The business manager placed the AR15 on hold until I was able to pick it up. The AR15 was taken back to the Kaufman County Sheriff’s property room and it was stored there until the disposition of the property hearing. In April, a property hearing was held in Kemp, Texas. The AR15 was awarded to the victim. I tracked the sale of the gun back to three owners, but the track stopped at a gun show sold by an unknown person. Thanks to LeadsOnline for another property recovery, the victim was very pleased to get her son’s AR15 back, the gun was a present for his 21 birthday. ”

Sgt. C. Sexton
Kaufman County Sheriff’s Department

Case wouldn’t have been solved without LeadsOnline

“In May, Pearisburg Police Department took a report of a stolen gun. Officer Mike Spicer of Pearisburg Police contacted me at the Sheriff’s Office to see if anything was showing up on LeadsOnline. I checked several different things and was unable to come up with a firearm, but I was able to locate a knife that his suspect had sold at a business. Spicer was able to verify with his victim that he was also missing a knife. He interviewed his suspect and the suspect denied everything. When he showed his suspect the LeadsOnline ticket for the knife, the suspect’s head dropped! Spicer got a full confession. He told me if it weren’t for LeadsOnline, we probably wouldn’t have solved this one because the business used was so far away and we don’t normally check for things there.”

Sgt. Mason Boggess
Giles County Sheriff’s Office

LeadsOnline “save search” feature helps solve case

“In March, I saved a search on LeadsOnline for a stolen handgun. The gun was stolen during a breaking and entering of a motor vehicle, and there were no definite suspects in the case. Two months later, I received an email from LeadsOnline informing me that there was a hit on the gun. It was discovered that the stolen gun had been sold to one of the businesses in our county. From the help of LeadsOnline, I was able to recover the handgun and return it to the owner. ”

Investigator Austin Jones
Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office

Man charged with three felonies thanks to LeadsOnline

“In November, an 88-year-old World War II veteran had numerous power tools and a shotgun stolen from his home. The suspect was performing repairs on the house and had befriended the man. A search through LeadsOnline showed the suspect had sold the tools and shotgun at two local businesses. The suspect subsequently confessed when confronted with the information from LeadsOnline and video from the business. The man was charged with three felonies, including being a felon in possession of a firearm. All of the stolen items were returned to the victim.”

Sgt. Nathan Mulch
Liberty Police Department

Firearm recovered

“While searching LeadsOnline, I found that a suspect had pawned a firearm that was said to have been stolen from a nearby city. After confirming the stolen firearm through NCIC and confirming with the business that they had possession of the firearm, I contacted the reporting agency and made them aware of the otherwise unknown activity.”

Detective Sean Boczar
Helena Police Department

That’s my gun, bro’

“I entered a stolen firearm into NCIC in reference to a burglary from a business. LeadsOnline notified me of a possible pawn transaction and it was the same weapon stolen in my business burglary case. The person who pawned the rifle was the brother of the suspect identified in the case who was fully cooperative in the investigation. I think this is an excellent example of how helpful LeadsOnline is.”

Detective Beth Diaz
Glendale Police Department

Fulton County firearms recovered years later

“Another recovery from using LeadsOnline. The item was stolen in 2013 and recovered 2016. LeadsOnline has helped this department to recover several items including guns. It has also helped in scrap metal thefts in and around the county. It has been a very useful tool and the people I’ve talked with are very helpful and professional. Thanks LeadsOnline!”

Investigator John Cawvey
Fulton County Sheriff’s Office

Victim is ecstatic when Austin officer recovers her firearm five years after it was stolen

“Just last week I found a firearm that was stolen in 2010 and sold in 2013. That particular business had previously recovered the firearm. The owner of the firearm had moved several years ago but I was able to track her down and let her know I found her property. To hear a victim with such an ecstatic voice was awesome. Thank you LeadsOnline!”

Ofc. Michael Henson
Austin Police Department

Firearm found in adjoining city using LeadsOnline

“I’m an officer with the Austin Police Department in Arkansas. While combing through our recent property theft reports, I found a stolen firearm in a business in an adjoining city. The firearm’s owner couldn’t thank us enough. We love LeadsOnline!”

Officer Michael Henson
Austin Police Department

In 20 minutes, Raleigh detective had all the information he needed to prove that the stolen gun recovered from a suspect belonged to one of his murder victims

Thought you would like to know that we are investigating a homicide where one of our business owners was killed inside his shop. The investigation is ongoing and there is still a lot of work to do. I was able to use LeadsOnline to trace a firearm back to the victim in our case that was initially stolen at the time of the victim’s death. The victim’s firearm was located on the suspect at the time of his apprehension in less than 12 hours. Instead of using ATF to get all the trace forms, I made a simple inquiry with LeadsOnline, contacted the business where I had tracked the guns to, got the list of the previous owner and our victim’s information as the new owner of the firearm. Needless to say, I created a timeline of events concerning the ownership of a firearm, identified the true owner of the firearm, the previous owner of the firearm, and had a clear history of the firearm all within less than an hour. Not sure how long ATF would have taken, but I had hard copies of all the information I needed within 20 minutes.”

Det. Wilbur O’Neal
Raleigh Police Department
North Carolina

LeadsOnline and Benton County detective working hard to bring the community together

“One other detective and I attended the LeadsOnline Metal Theft Investigation Training located at the Bentonville Police Department in Northwest Arkansas. Along with the LeadsOnline representative, special agents with the Arkansas Attorney General’s Office presented the material aimed at assisting law enforcement with metal theft investigations. Detective Srader and I had already utilized the LeadsOnline program to assist in solving many crimes committed within and outside of our jurisdiction. Having thought we knew most of what we needed to know about the program, we quickly realized we were mistaken. The LeadsOnline program can be utilized in more ways than we had originally thought. Detective Srader and I are tasked with investigating the majority of the property crimes within our county and we have two main goals. The first of which is to recover the stolen property and return it to the owner and the second is the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator.

Last month, we began utilizing the LeadsOnline system to track down stolen items that had previously been entered into NCIC. Prior to the training received two months ago, Detective Srader and I were unaware that NCIC entries were uploaded into LeadsOnline and would be displayed if the items were sold. After manually looking through several entries involving our jurisdiction, we came across a bolt action rifle that had been reported stolen in 2003. Further investigation revealed the home of the owner was burglarized that year. An investigation never ensued as there was no evidence or leads at that time. In fact, little information was obtained from that investigation because the sheriff’s office had changed their software. The dispatchers that were contacted to confirm the NCIC entry were forced to manually look through old files to find the entry form. Ultimately, we were able to make contact with owner and informed him the rifle had been sold at a business in Springdale, Arkansas earlier this year. During our conversation with the owner, he was in disbelief. Not only had we located his stolen gun but he was amazed that we were still trying to investigate a burglary case from 2003. The owner further stated the rifle contained much sentimental value as it had been passed down through his family and was eventually given to him. The rifle was seized from the business and provided to the owner two days after it was sold. Once again, the owner was in disbelief and was actually speechless as we provided the rifle to him.

I am writing this letter to thank all persons involved with the aforementioned training. Even though they were not present during this investigation, they played a significant role as the owner’s rifle would have never been located without their help. It is cases such as these that help bring communities together and strengthen the bond between law enforcement agencies and the citizens they’ve sworn to serve.”

Det. Scott Sullivan
Benton County Sheriff’s Office

Gun found three states away on the three year anniversary of when it was stolen

“Through LeadsOnline I was able to return a stolen firearm to a victim in my county three years to the day after it was reported stolen. Not only that, the firearm had found its way through three states until LeadsOnline found it in a business! The excitement on my victim’s face when I returned his property is worth every penny of this service!”

Deputy Sheriff Garrett Winslow
Gates County Sheriff’s Office
North Carolina

The gift that keeps on giving, more than expected found was in suspect search on LeadsOnline

“Our agency recently arrested a person who broke into an automobile and stole numerous items, including two firearms. While searching LeadsOnline for possible activity of the offender, I discovered that he had sold other items from the car that the property owner did not know had been stolen. Not only will there be more charges filed against the offender, but thanks to LeadsOnline, there is no alibi that will be able to come up with explaining why he was in the area of the theft. He was photographed by the business wearing some of the same articles of clothing that he was wearing the night the theft occurred.”

Inv. Eugene Smith
Glynn County Police Department

Another firearm recovered and returned with NCIC, LeadsOnline, and Portland Police

“We received an NCIC hit on a rifle sold in a neighboring city. I checked the rifle and was able to positively identify it as the stolen one which was reported in 2013 after being taken from a vehicle. The rifle was recovered and returned to the owner. After interviewing the person who had sold the rifle it was found that he had purchased the gun several years ago at a gun show.”

Det. Travis Wiesman
Portland Police Department

Distance won’t keep this Portland detective and LeadsOnline from recovering property

“We received an NCIC hit on a shotgun which was stolen in 2013 from a vehicle. The shotgun was sold in San Antonio which is a little more than two hours away from our city. The San Antonio Police Department recovered the shotgun and sent it to us. I was then able to return the shotgun which was still in the original soft case to the owner who was very happy to receive his property back.”

Det. Travis Wiesman
Portland Police Department

Local subdivision targeted by crook in several thefts

“There had been several thefts reported in a local subdivision. The items stolen included tools, guns and some mowers. The victims did not have serial numbers on most of the stolen items. By looking up just the name brands of the stolen items in LeadsOnline, we were able to match larceny dates with similar type name brands and items being sold. The suspect was put under surveillance, was arrested and confessed to several of the thefts in the area. Victims were able to go to the businesses and identify their stolen tools. Thanks LeadsOnline!”

Inv. Melanie Bibens
Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office

LeadsOnline’s partnership with NCIC once again helps close a case

“While I was using LeadsOnline, I was able to match an NCIC hit of property taken in one of our residential burglaries. The hit gave us enough information to be able to tie the property stolen in the burglary, specifically a 22 cal. handgun, to a listed and named suspect. The LeadsOnline system seems to be a very good tool.”

Det. Jerry Hanes
San Bernardino Police Department

New Mexico detective follows the trail leading to the offender

“The Los Lunas Police Department had a call at a local residence for an aggravated burglary where several musical instruments were stolen along with two handguns. A LeadsOnline search for the musical instruments showed that two instruments, a saxophone and a piano accordion, were sold in Albuquerque. The items were recovered which led us to the person who sold the items and that person led detectives to the actual offender of the burglary. A search warrant was served on the offender’s residence where one of the stolen firearms was recovered, the offender was charged for the stolen firearm as well as other charges.”

Det. Sgt. John Valdez
Los Lunas Police Department
New Mexico

LeadsOnline and Onslow County Sheriff’s Office keep the memories in the family by recovering this navy vet’s priceless family heirlooms

“A 69 year old Navy Veteran in our county was a victim of a felony breaking and entering with intent to commit larceny, larceny after breaking and entering and larceny of a firearm. The value of the stolen property was estimated at $100,000. These items had been given to him by his father, who has since passed away, so the sentimental value of the stolen items was priceless to him. Most of the items were Military Memorabilia. Thanks to LeadsOnline, I was able to positively identify two suspects, recover nearly all of the items, including a Model 1911, .45 Caliber Pistol, which was recovered several states away. Unfortunately, the Victim had not recorded the serial number, which could have made it nearly impossible to recover. This was a family heirloom that had been given to him by his deceased father, and could not ever be replaced. This was a textbook case, which involved a joint effort between multiple jurisdictions, to include both military and civilian agencies, which all resulted from a lead provided by a hit on a LeadsOnline inquiry. Thank you for all you do to assist us in “Shining the light of Justice on the Darkness of Crime”. ”

Det. Robert Spade
Onslow County Sheriff’s Office
North Carolina

Stolen gun found one year later with NCIC hit

“On December 29, 2009, I responded to a burglary involving a stolen firearm, a Phoenix .22 caliber semi automatic. I quickly developed a lead and subsequently made an arrest and charged a female with the burglary, however she did not disclose the location of the stolen firearm. Almost exactly one year later, on 27th day of December 2010, the said stolen firearm was recovered in a local pawn shop with the help of LeadsOnline NCIC Hits. Thanks to LeadsOnline for helping take another stolen firearm off the street, and making the community and our police officers safer with the weapon back in our hands and not in the hands of the bad guys.”

Det. C.L. Buttrick
Marmet Police Department
West Virginia

Gun stolen two years ago recovered

“On March 2, 2011, I was checking my NCIC Hits and located a hunting rifle that had been stolen from a house in George County, MS in 2008. The rifle had been pawned at a store in Jackson County, MS. The suspect was already in jail at the time, but this rifle was the last of five that that had been recovered. It is great to be able to return property to people after they have been violated in such a manner. Thanks to LeadsOnline for what you do.”

Det. Jason L. Smith
George County Sheriff’s Department

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