Denver police close the door on the garage burglary case thanks to LeadsOnline

“A garage burglary occurred in the City of Denver. The report was made around 0900 hours on that day. No suspect information was provided. By entering the serial number of a stolen $2,000 bicycle that was stolen into LeadsOnline, I was able to obtain information that the bicycle was pawned in a neighboring city just a few hours after the burglary was reported. This information provided by LeadsOnline then led me to enter the suspect’s name into the database for known pawns. Low and behold, the suspect had forty two pawns in the metro area. It all seemed to be garage type items. Through the investigation, I located three other items stolen during the burglary, which were pawned by the same suspect in a different neighboring city. A computer check indicated that this suspect and his associates were charged in Fargo, North Dakota for burglary related charges. Information gathered indicated that it was LeadsOnline that was instrumental in these arrests as well. Due to LeadsOnline, I was able to obtain an arrest warrant for the suspect, which included one count of Second Degree Burglary and two counts of Pawnbroker Violations. The warrant was posted with a $50,000 bond. Thanks!”

Det. Mike Felsoci
Denver Police Department