Employing new ways to recover property

“I would like to inform LeadsOnline of success stories from the Little Rock Police Department. The first occurred on September 23, 2004, when I was contacted by one of my Burglary victims. Mr. Smith requested I look up a person he thought might be involved in his burglary. I took the name and ran it in your system, but did not receive any information on this subject. I decided to check the articles and guns in the NCIC area of LeadsOnline. I do this on a weekly basis to check weapons. Mr. Smith had also talked to me about the weapons taken in the burglary of his home. I started going down the list and noticed two weapons that matched the description of the ones taken in Mr. Smith’s burglary. Mr. Smith did not have his serial numbers recorded, but stated he could identify the weapons. After calling Mr. Smith I inquired about a television he had reported and it also matched what this person had pawned. After making an appointment to meet Mr. Smith at the pawn shop, I continued to search the NCIC report. To cut a long story short, I located two other hits on the same page. I was able to solve three burglaries assigned to me within a 15-minute span and recover over $5,000.00 in property. On November 3, 2004, I located a stolen weapon from Grant County, Arkansas. After checking the name of the person who pawned the weapon using LeadsOnline, I also located where he had pawned an additional three weapons. The weapons have been secured through the Police Hold section of LeadsOnline and warrants will be filed on this subject. I want to send my gratitude to LeadsOnline for this website. This site is one of the greatest tools a Police Officer could dream of. I would recommend LeadsOnline to all agencies in Law Enforcement.”

Det. R. Tribble
Little Rock Police Department