LeadsOnline helps law enforcement identify three suspects

“In March, I was assigned a case in which three suspects, dressed as construction workers, entered three large construction sites located in Pasadena and stole multiple tools and pieces of construction equipment. Surveillance cameras on site captured video of the vehicle. I created a BOLO, which was sent out to surrounding agencies. I was contacted by a Detective with another agency and advised that they believed the same suspect vehicle had committed a similar offense in their city. I was further advised that they had been able to identify one suspect when the conducted a LeadsOnline search using the serial number of a stolen tool and discovered that the suspect had sold the tool shortly after the theft. I was able to locate this suspect and the suspect vehicle. I conducted a LeadsOnline search and discovered that he had cold multiple tools in recent weeks. I was able to view a tool bag with hand tools at a business and was able to verify that they were stolen from a construction site in a nearby city as there was a work ID still in the tool bag. We conducted surveillance on this vehicle and ultimately followed the vehicle occupied by three males drive to a neighboring county where they committed three burglaries of storage buildings on construction sites as well as one theft from a construction sites. All three suspects were arrested and are facing Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity – Burglary of Building charges. The results of the LeadsOnline searches are what helped identify these suspects as well as establish their pattern of crime.”

Det. Kevin Satterwhite
Pasadena Police Department