LeadsOnline makes investigator’s job easier

“I received a theft/fraud complaint from an elderly woman’s niece who had recently taken over her aunt’s finances after she was placed in a nursing home. The niece stated that she had found thousands of dollars of fraudulent credit card transactions on her aunt’s credit card. The niece also reported that items were missing from her aunt’s residence including a revolver. By searching LeadsOnline, I was able to find the transactions for the stolen handgun, which was sold in October 2015! By using the name of the person that sold the handgun in a search, I was also able to find several other items that she sold! With this information, I was able to conduct an interview with the suspect who admitted to all of the criminal activity. The key to solving this case was finding that handgun on LeadsOnline! You’re making my job so much easier! Thank you!”

Inv. Jeffrey Williams
Glynn County Police Department