LeadsOnline proves you have to be careful who you trust

“In January, our agency took a theft report where our victim reported five items of jewelry missing from her bedroom. During my interview with the victim, she disclosed that she had an HVAC serviceman in her home around the same time she believed the jewelry went missing. She trusted the serviceman and never would have suspected him to steal from her. After obtaining the serviceman’s name, I searched him on LeadsOnline. During the search, I located a ticket from a business that listed the serviceman as the selling party. The ticket included a photograph of the jewelry, a picture of the serviceman during the transaction, and a photograph of his Illinois state identification card he presented. The serviceman sold our victim’s jewelry to the business for $450, about a half hour after he was in her home. The retail value of the jewelry was approximately $1,500. The jewelry was recovered and an arrest warrant for residential burglary was later obtained and successfully executed.”

Det. Clinton Montgomery
Geneva Police Department