LeadsOnline to criminals: game on

“I’ve been a LeadsOnline user for many years now and have located a lot of reported stolen property while using this great system. In my latest adventure, I was just checking LeadsOnline on items that were reported stolen in a new case with no person of interest information. The items were two `Bolens` brand weed trimmers, one the victim actually had the serial number for. I simply entered my case number and then the brand name of `Bolens` and there it was; the top reported item was for a `Bolens` BL110 weed wacker with the same serial number reported by this victim. The date of the transaction was listed as a day prior to when the victim had listed it missing, funny that. In checking the listed item information for the guy who had sold it; he had listed an address just two houses down and across the street from this victim. The item is on a police hold and now…game on. Thanks LeadsOnline for this great tool and system.”

Det. Donald Davenport
Canyon County Sheriff Office