New Automated Pawn Record System Paying Off For Des Moines Police

DES MOINES, IOWA — Thursday, June 10, 2021 — A new automated pawn record system implemented by the Des Moines Police Department has significantly improved the process of reporting and finding stolen goods.

LeadsOnline is the nation’s largest online investigation system and provides access to transactions from thousands of reporting businesses. The LeadsOnline platform provides investigators with detailed transaction information, photos, thumbprint scans and digital signatures. Likewise, the investigations system allows police to work across jurisdictional lines, providing instant information that helps solve cases.

“Not only has transitioning to LeadsOnline allowed us to better assist the victims of crimes, but it has also given local businesses the capabilities to streamline the reporting process,” Lt. Chad Steffen of the DMPD’s Crimes Against Persons Section said. “Converting to LeadsOnline has improved our department’s chances of locating and recovering more of the stolen property that is being taken out of Des Moines.”

In its first five months of use, LeadsOnline has helped solve crimes against businesses, churches and schools. Likewise, it has played an instrumental role in exposing theft rings and resolving residential burglaries.

Much of this success is thanks to LeadsOnline’s Citizen Property Inventory System, ReportIt. Within this system, each Des Moines resident is allowed to register up to 100 different articles. These entries are only visible to the DMPD in the case that they are reported as missing.

Registering items in LeadsOnline allows residents to provide valuable information to both law enforcement and insurance companies in the case that they happen to be the victim of a property crime. This information could mean the difference between recovering stolen property or losing it forever.

To register items, visit Registration is a hassle-free process that requires only two elements: description and categorization. You are also allowed to upload additional information, including serial numbers, date of purchase and photos.

To learn more about ReportIt and how to register your property, visit