Local woman suspected of grand larceny, burglary

October 27, 2021

By Selwyn Harris

A local woman was arrested and taken into custody on numerous charges following a grand larceny investigation.

As stated in a Nye County Sheriff’s Office arrest report, Deputy Landen Rowland was dispatched to a residence along Steptoe Street earlier this month to investigate a report of theft.

Upon arrival, Rowland made contact with the 68-year-old victim who provided a list of rings that the woman believed to be stolen.

The approximate value of the rings was $10,000, according to the sheriff’s office.

“The rings were stolen from a lockbox inside of the victim’s room,” Rowland’s report stated. “The lockbox could be unlocked by a key that was kept inside the victim’s room.”

The report went on to say that the victim provided a detailed written statement with specifics on each of the rings that had been allegedly stolen, along with a photograph of one of the stolen rings.

Online assistance

Upon further investigation, the descriptions of the rings allegedly pawned by the suspect, identified as Mikaley Boulden, 19, were similar to what was identified on a website known by law enforcement as LeadsOnline.

The website provides technology services to assist law enforcement with catching suspected criminals.

“The victim stated that she was letting Mikaley Boulden stay in her home for a few months,” Rowland’s report stated. “She claimed that Mikaley Boulden knew where the lockbox and key were located and that she had no permission to open it or enter the victim’s room. The victim also stated that Mikaley Boulden purchased some Christmas gifts recently for her family, but has no income, which the victim found suspicious.”

Hard evidence

Additionally, Rowland’s report noted that Boulden initially stated that she had no involvement.

“A LeadsOnline search of Mikaley Boulden’s name and date of birth showed that she had in fact pawned the rings described by the victim at SuperPawn, located at 671 South Highway 160. LeadsOnline showed that Mikaley Boulden provided an identification card and had received approximately $1,500 for six rings. Mikaley was questioned again about her involvement with the missing rings. Mikaley Boulden admitted that she did in fact take rings from the victim without her permission. Mikaley stated she misplaced one and pawned the rest.”

Several charges filed

As a result of the investigation, Rowland determined that Boulden allegedly stole items from the victim with a reported value of $10,000.

“These items were sold for $1,500, and were consistent with grand larceny,” according to the arrest report. “Mikaley Boulden and the victim had separate rooms within the home. Mikaley Boulden unlawfully entered the victim’s room and opened her jewelry lockbox with the intent to commit grand or petty larceny consistent with burglary. Mikaley Boulden knowingly had in her possession the stolen rings from the Steptoe Street residence and pawned them at SuperPawn, receiving money from stolen rings in violation of possession of stolen property. Mikaley Boulden entered SuperPawn, provided her identification card, to sell the stolen rings and obtain money under false pretenses consistent with burglary and obtaining money under false pretenses.”

Boulden was transported to the Nye County Detention Center, where her bail was set at $30,000.

Source: https://pvtimes.com/news/local-woman-suspected-of-grand-larceny-burglary-106012/

UPS driver accused of stealing over $100K in jewelry, valuable metals

October 27, 2021

By Jesse Wells

INDIANAPOLIS — Criminal charges were filed this week against an employee at UPS accused of stealing over $100,000 in jewelry and other valuable metals.

The case began when a manager at the UPS Distribution Center on 86th Street noticed an employee allegedly stealing shipping boxes starting in September. IMPD was then asked to investigate leading to the suspect being arrested.

At the end of his late-night shift, police claim a UPS truck driver would repeatedly enter high-value trailers and steal boxes of expensive jewelry.

“He knew what to look for and he would grab the packages he wanted and take them out of the facility,” said IMPD Detective Keith Hartman.

Detective Hartman with IMPD’s Criminal Interdiction Section says the suspect would then pawn the stolen items either at an exchange business in Greenwood or he’d go online and sell them to a jewelry store in Florida.

“I don’t know if there was a negotiation of price, but they would determine the value and send him back a certified check,” said Hartman.

Court records describe how detective Hartman helped set up a sting operation and caught 40-year-old Dennis Butterfield in the act, stealing boxes from UPS last week.

In addition to theft, Butterfield is also facing two drug-related charges for allegedly possessing pills without a prescription.

“A lot of this jewelry was for repair so it’s not just the monetary value. The sentimental value can be greater. So I’m glad some of these victims are getting their belongings back,” said Hartman.

In fact, police believe Butterfield stole around $140,00 in items. Some were recovered, but many pieces still remain missing.

“I’ve never done a jewelry case until this one,” admits Hartman.

While the jewelry bust is rare, Hartman hopes it sends a simple message to would-be thieves everywhere.

“You never know who’s watching you,” said Hartman.

Butterfield was able to post a small cash bond and was released from jail pending trial.

He’s due in court for an initial hearing next month.

Source: https://fox59.com/news/ups-driver-accused-of-stealing-over-100k-in-jewelry-valuable-metals/

Church burglaries

Nichols Hills man charged, sought

August 5, 2021

By Jeannie Grimes

A Nichols Hills man is believed responsible for a rash of church burglaries, including the January break-in at Johnson Road Baptist Church.

Sterling C. Morris, 35, is charged in McClain County District Court with second degree burglary, injuring a church or contents and pattern of criminal offenses.

An arrest warrant is outstanding.

According to an affidavit, the church was ransacked and burglarized on January 15.

Stolen were musical and sound equipment, electronics, kitchenware, computers, DVR recording system and cameras, and tools.

The McClain County Sheriff’s Department located some of the stolen items along I-35 northbound near mile marker 100.

Police used LeadsOnline, a web-based tool for law enforcement, and located three speakers, a sound board and Black & Decker hedge trimmers which Morris reportedly pawned in Norman on January 20.

Serial numbers had been removed from the speakers and soundboard.

Then on January 27, police were contacted by the Garvin County Sheriff’s Department about a church burglary suspect they had just caught following a pursuit in which he wrecked the vehicle he was driving.

When the undersheriff confirmed the suspect in custody was Morris, police attempted to interview him. But he refused to answer their questions, according to the affidavit.

Police contacted Morris’ father who said his son was driving the older man’s pickup in Garvin County.

He also said Morris didn’t live with him, but was storing property at the father’s place in Oklahoma City.

The son had placed a digital lock on the garage and the father didn’t have access to it. Additional items were stored in a bedroom and in the back yard, according to the affidavit.

Police executed a search warrant at the father’s residence, recovering an “immense amount of property” believed stolen from area churches.

The churches include Johnson Road Baptist Church, Go Church in Norman, New Hope Church in Oklahoma City, First Baptist Church in Mustang, Tri-City Worship Center in Newcastle, Vamoosa Baptist Church in Konawa, First Baptist Church in Minco, Bethany Church in Bethany, and St. John’s Nepomuk Church and Vision Church, both in Yukon.

Investigating agencies in addition to Purcell Police Department include police departments in Norman, Oklahoma City, Mustang, Newcastle, Minco, Bethany and Yukon, as well as the Seminole County Sheriff’s Department.

Source: http://www.purcellregister.com/stories/church-burglaries,32963

New Automated Pawn Record System Paying Off For Des Moines Police

DES MOINES, IOWA — Thursday, June 10, 2021 — A new automated pawn record system implemented by the Des Moines Police Department has significantly improved the process of reporting and finding stolen goods.

LeadsOnline is the nation’s largest online investigation system and provides access to transactions from thousands of reporting businesses. The LeadsOnline platform provides investigators with detailed transaction information, photos, thumbprint scans and digital signatures. Likewise, the investigations system allows police to work across jurisdictional lines, providing instant information that helps solve cases.

“Not only has transitioning to LeadsOnline allowed us to better assist the victims of crimes, but it has also given local businesses the capabilities to streamline the reporting process,” Lt. Chad Steffen of the DMPD’s Crimes Against Persons Section said. “Converting to LeadsOnline has improved our department’s chances of locating and recovering more of the stolen property that is being taken out of Des Moines.”

In its first five months of use, LeadsOnline has helped solve crimes against businesses, churches and schools. Likewise, it has played an instrumental role in exposing theft rings and resolving residential burglaries.

Much of this success is thanks to LeadsOnline’s Citizen Property Inventory System, ReportIt. Within this system, each Des Moines resident is allowed to register up to 100 different articles. These entries are only visible to the DMPD in the case that they are reported as missing.

Registering items in LeadsOnline allows residents to provide valuable information to both law enforcement and insurance companies in the case that they happen to be the victim of a property crime. This information could mean the difference between recovering stolen property or losing it forever.

To register items, visit reportit.leadsonline.com. Registration is a hassle-free process that requires only two elements: description and categorization. You are also allowed to upload additional information, including serial numbers, date of purchase and photos.

To learn more about ReportIt and how to register your property, visit https://www.dsm.city/departments/police-division/investigations/reportit.php

Source: https://www.dsm.city/news_detail_T2_R412.php