Ohio detective recovers precious metals before smelting

“Historically I have been able to match stolen jewelry and other precious metals to valid suspects via our in-house pawn records, only to find that the items have already left the store for smelting, destruction, etc. I have often felt `behind the 8 ball`. However, now having LeadsOnline available at my fingertips, it has aided me and my agency in solving several crimes over the past few years. In fact, I have personally solved a high dollar jewelry theft case AND a high dollar jewelry burglary case… just in the past week alone. Even better? I have been able to recover the jewelry prior to it being `lost` forever. Thank you, LeadsOnline. You make my job easier and more fulfilling. You have also allowed expensive and/or irreplaceable family heirlooms to be returned to their owners while assisting me in holding criminals accountable for their evil deeds. Keep up the good work!”

Det. Kurt Humbert
Lancaster Police Department