One search solves multiple crimes

“I received a burglary report from patrol that listed stolen items, however no suspect information existed, and there wasn’t any evidence recovered at the scene. As usual, the victims did not have the serial numbers listed for their stolen items. I ran a generic check on LeadsOnline for one of the stolen items: an acoustic Fender guitar. Of particular interest was a male who had pawned an acoustic Fender guitar in an a city about thirty miles away, the same day as the burglary. I then ran a search of that male’s pawn activity and saw that he had pawned a digital camera just three days later, matching the description of the one stolen in the burglary. I was able to contact the pawn shops and after they emailed me photos of the stolen items, I was able to confirm with the victim that the items were in fact theirs and that the person who had pawned them was their son-in-law. The items were recovered and the suspect was arrested. Upon the suspect’s arrest, we located a stolen credit card on his person from a vehicle prowl that patrol deputies were taking the report on just a few miles down the road. A search of his residence turned up evidence from another burglary in an adjoining jurisdiction, to which the suspect ultimately confessed, as well as to burglarizing his in-laws’ residence. Had it not been for LeadsOnline and the service that you provide, these cases would have probably never been solved and the property never recovered.”

Det. Jeff Rhoades
Mason County Sheriff’s Office
Washington State