Online investigations reporting system leads police to rare, stolen guitars

“One of our Officers took a report of two very expensive, rare guitars stolen from a storage locker. The owner had been out of the country for a few weeks, and when he returned, he found his prized guitars were stolen. These guitars were valued at $9,000. After being assigned to this case, I searched in LeadsOnline for the guitars and instantly got a hit. I found that it was a female who sold the guitars to a local shop pawn shop, but through questioning and surveillance I received information that her boyfriend was involved. I recovered the rare guitars before they could be resold. I really appreciate LeadsOnline in this case because the victim reported the burglary the middle of January 2013 but the guitars had been stolen and sold a month earlier. The ability to see historical data was imperative.”

Det. Taya Dolsen
Madison Police Department