Police track down stolen Xbox in home theft case

“I was assigned a case involving the theft of an Xbox 360 game system with controllers. The victim reported that her sister and her sister’s boyfriend had been babysitting her kids while she was at work. When the victim returned home her sister and sister’s boyfriend had company over at the house. She went to bed in her bedroom and unknowing to her, her sister and sister’s boyfriend left the home, leaving the male company in the house. When the victim woke up the following morning, she discovered that her kids’ Xbox 360 was missing along with her Ford truck, a cell phone, and a ladies diamond ring. After calling the police to report these items missing, she realized she still had the box that the Xbox 360 game system came in. The serial number was still on the box. After checking leadsonline.com and entering the serial numbers, there was a match for an Xbox 360 being pawned in Hammond, Indiana. The suspect’s information matched the identity of the male who was left in the house. Felony charges for Theft were filed against the suspect.”

Det. JerVean Gates
Gary Police Department