Raleigh detective uses LeadsOnline to stop a team of thieves from a multitude of consecutive thefts

“I was notified by management of two music stores that they were experiencing a rash of thefts concerning guitars in the local area. I was given a list of guitars that had been reported stolen. In review of the property listed as stolen, it was learned that there was a group of individuals specifically targeting music centers for mandolins and Stratocasters. LeadsOnline was able to assist in locating several of these guitars that were reported stolen and also identified/located additional music equipment that was not previously reported as being stolen. Four suspects that are known to each other and are operating together were identified. A multitude of music equipment and instruments were returned to the victims within a short amount of time. Property was located all throughout Wake County and Cumberland County. All four suspects were located and arrested. Another success with the assistance of LeadsOnline. ”

Det. Wilbur Oneal
Raleigh Police Department
North Carolina