Trio of suspects caught in larceny with hard evidence confirmed with LeadsOnline

“For over six months, a local jewelry store was reporting that they were having an issue with three unidentified suspects stealing expensive watches. In all the reported thefts, it was the same three suspects. Two of the suspects would cause a diversion and then the third suspect would commit the larceny. In one instance the suspects were observed leaving the scene in a vehicle with limited descriptors. Using LeadsOnline, I was able to determine who the suspects were through the repeated transactions option. There were hits during the reported time frames of the thefts. Further investigation revealed the main suspect had known the associates that were also identified as the remaining two suspects who were also selling the same brand of expensive stolen watches. The main suspect also drove the same make, model, and color vehicle observed during one of the larcenies. A short time after that larceny occurred; the main suspect was selling the watches at a local business. The information from LeadsOnline was used to confirm the identities of the suspects. LeadsOnline also assisted in identifying the stolen watches and gave a time line of events that coincided with the reported larcenies. In total, 19 of 22 watches have been recovered and all three suspects have been identified and arrested.”

Det. Wilbur Oneal
Raleigh Police Department
North Carolina