Rapid pawnshop recovery in Oregon burglary investigation

“A 95 year old female had her apartment broken into and close to $5,000 in jewelry and other items were stolen. The victim had gone to the hospital the week prior and the residence was unoccupied when the burglary occurred. The victim and her daughter suspected the housekeeper who was employed with the senior community the victim lived in was possibly involved. The patrol officer who handled the investigation was told that the housekeeper just recently hooked up with a new boyfriend. Officer Barringer was able to identify the boyfriend by finding an Oregon State Police no insurance tow report from the weekend prior, where the female suspect had her vehicle towed. Officer Barringer ran the boyfriend using LeadsOnline and found that he had sold $1,600 in gold to a local business in Medford, Oregon. Detectives followed up on the investigation which led to the recovery of the victim’s jewelry from the business and after a consent search at the suspect’s residence the remainder of the victim’s property was recovered. The suspects admitted to their involvement and it was determined the housekeeper had left the outside window of the victim’s apartment open in order for her boyfriend to make entry. The housekeeper knew the victim had gone to the hospital and the residence was unoccupied. Thanks to LeadsOnline this case was solved within two days, where using the old hand check” system it would have taken weeks possibly months. LeadsOnline also allowed for officers to follow up quickly on this investigation and because of that all of the victim’s property was recovered.””

Det. Justin Ivens
Medford Police Department