Employing new ways to recover property

“In August 2004, I investigated a felon in possession of a firearm case. I had received information that the suspect was currently living in Medford, Oregon and was in possession of a stolen handgun taken out of burglary in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

I ran the suspect’s name through LEADS and got a hit. The suspect had sold/pawned three digital cameras at a pawn shop in Tulsa prior to coming out to Oregon. The cameras were taken out of the same burglary as the firearm. When I questioned the suspect about pawning any of the stolen property he initially denied it. I was able to show him the LEADS hit and he eventually admitted to his involvement and the property was recovered by the victim.

This stolen property would have never been located using our old “hand search” method. LEADS not only allowed us to check local businesses, but other locations outside of our jurisdiction.”

Det. Justin Ivens
Medford Police Department

Catching felons pawning firearms

“We want to recognize our CID Assistant Shannon Hill for all his hard work and expertise helping us track and recover stolen property through LeadsOnline.

Shannon checks LeadsOnline on a daily basis and catches stolen items or felons pawning firearms. In fact, in 2010 Shannon has located 8 felons pawning a firearm. His work with LeadsOnline has caught numerous stolen guns and other property which has been related to Robbery, Burglary, and other investigations.

Shannon / LeadsOnline work has helped investigators recover several pieces of stolen property and led to several arrests. We want to thank Shannon for all his hard work and also thank LeadsOnline for making our job easier.”

Det. Travis Lee
Fayetteville Police Department
Criminal Investigations Division

Convicted felon apprehended on two counts

“I received an e-mail from LeadsOnline about a listed person of interest. I looked into the matter and discovered the person had sold a firearm to a local pawn store. The person of interest was a convicted felon and had no reason or legal authority to be in possession of the firearm. A hold was placed on the firearm. The person of interest was arrested for felon in possession of a firearm, a second degree felony in Florida and also charged with providing fraudulent information to a pawn broker (He was selling the gun for a friend who had no ID). This is a third degree felony as the value was under $300. LeadsOnline helped us secure a convicted felon in the county jail and hopefully prison. By the way, the person of interest was also one of our copper thieves. This was a win-win scenario as it allowed us to get one of many copper thieves off the streets. Thanks LeadsOnline!”

Sgt. Donald Howe
Crestview Police Department

Stolen firearms recovered and felony arrests made in crime against elderly Kentucky woman

“I was contacted by another agency who had requested my help in a stolen jewelry and firearm case. The victim was a recently widowed elderly female who felt that a family member may have been coming into her home over the course of several months and stealing her jewelry and her late husband’s firearms. I was able to recover four of the seven stolen firearms and most of the missing jewelry using LeadsOnline. The items not recovered were in fact located using LeadsOnline, however the thefts occurred over a period of about eight months and some of the items had been sold or in the case of the jewelry melted down. The total value of all the items actually recovered was in excess of $45,000 (One ring appraised at $40,000). The victim’s relative and her boyfriend were identified as the suspects in this case using LeadsOnline and were ultimately charged with numerous felonies.”

Det. Benjamin Shirley
Lexington Police Department

Multi-agency stolen firearms case solved in Mississippi

“A burglary of a residence was committed in Natchez-Adams County, Mississippi. Sheriff’s Office Detective Stacy Rollinson discovered a stolen firearm (from said burglary) using LeadsOnline. With this information, Natchez Mississippi Sheriffs Office assisted Vicksburg, Mississippi Sheriff’s Office in a search warrant of the suspect’s house and found eight more stolen firearms from said burglary in Natchez along with ther items stolen in recent Vicksburg burglaries. LeadsOnline is a VERY VALUABLE TOOL for law enforcement. Thank ya’ll very much.”

Det. DeLayne Bush
Adams County Sheriff’s Office

Oklahoma detective finds gun stolen four years ago in gun store burglary; ATF recovers gun

“Detective Robert Whittington was given a LeadsOnline tip in reference to a stolen firearm that was located at a pawnshop in Lawton, Oklahoma. The stolen rifle was reported stolen out of Shawnee Oklahoma four years earlier. I made contact with the individual who sold the gun, who advised that he purchased the rifle around four years ago at a gun show and did not have his paperwork showing it. Sherman is in the military and stated he has never been to Shawnee, Oklahoma. I contacted ATF, who advised that a gun store in Shawnee had been broken into, and that the gun was one of many stolen. He advised that ATF would collect the gun from the pawnshop.”

Lt. William Grimes
Lawton Police Department

Automated hit locates stolen firearm in Louisiana

“Here’s one for ya… A nearby police agency accidentally entered an incorrect serial number for a stolen firearm into NCIC. A five was mistaken for an “S”. When the firearm was pawned in our jurisdiction, the pawn shop owner made the same mistake. Thus, a hit was indicated on the firearm. Original reports and observations corrected the error. The firearm was recovered and returned. Bad guy went to jail.”

Det. Paul Blunschi
West Monroe Police Department

LeadsOnline helps Ohio police take stolen guns off the streets

“We received an NCIC hit from LeadsOnline for an iPod and a camera that were reported stolen in a burglary. Investigators located the suspect, who confessed to the offense and turned over a firearm also taken from the burglary. The information provided by LeadsOnline not only identified our suspect, but it got a stolen firearm off the streets. Thanks Leads Online!”

Inv. M. Robinson
Clermont County Sheriff’s Office

Five minutes into using LeadsOnline, and we solved a 12-year-old cold case

“While using the 30-day trial period, one of our detectives was simply walking through some of the features and offerings of LeadsOnline as it was his very FIRST login on the system. Within 5 minutes of simply pointing and clicking through some of the user-friendly tabs and features, he discovered a stolen firearm in Jacksonville, Florida from a 2001 case (that’s 12 years ago!). A hold was placed on the firearm. It was ultimately seized, and the owner was notified. LeadsOnline is already paying off, and we have not even officially signed on (yet). Thank you Leads! We are looking forward to a great partnership in the future.”

Lt. Chris Stallings
Putnam County Sheriff’s Office

Perfect timing and a stolen firearm is recovered in record time

“I received a report of a stolen firearm, and used LeadsOnline to search it. While I was doing this, someone from the LeadsOnline team called to check in and see if there was anything they could help with. I told her that her timing was perfect. She took the time to give me helpful search hints. Well, those helpful search hints paid off, because two days later, when I was at home writing reports late one night, I receive an email from LeadsOnline saying there as a hit on one of my searches. Sure enough, I logged in, and it was the missing firearm! Without YOU and your database this would not have happened. One bad guy down and infinity more to go. Thanks again. God bless you 🙂 and as I always say, Be Safe Out There!”

Capt. Mark Brock
Buchanan County Sheriff’s Office

Firearms recovered years after being stolen

“I just recovered a firearm from a 1994 burglary in Pocatello, Idaho. The Leads hit occurred after it was sold to a shop here in Clovis, California. The weapon was recovered and confirmed stolen. The person who sold the weapon said she purchased it from a now deceased friend in 2003 in Idaho. The weapon was returned to its rightful owner in Pocatello.”

Det. Curtis Shurtliff
Clovis Police Department

Firearms recovered from fleeing suspect

“Thanks to LeadsOnline I was able to locate and recover a stolen firearm for one of my victims. The suspect fled arrest and crossed state lines into West Virginia and sold the stolen rifle. Because of LeadsOnline the firearm was recovered and returned to the owner, and the suspect was later located and arrested for the B&E&L into a residence and Larceny of Firearms, along with several other charges.”

Lt. Lee Whitesides
Davie County Sheriff’s Office / CID
North Carolina

Stolen gun returned to owner four years after being stolen

“While searching LeadsOnline, I received a hit on a stolen firearm from a burglary in July 2009. The firearm was recovered and returned to the rightful owner. He was very happy to have his rifle back since he thought he would never see it again. This would have never been possible without the great service provided by LeadsOnline. Thanks for making my job easier, and making success stories like this happen every day.”

Inv. Steve Kimbel
Madison County Sheriff’s Office

Police recover firearm originally stolen in 2007

“We had an old case from 2007 involving a stolen firearm. Garrison from LeadsOnline notified me a few months ago that there was a possible hit on a serial number that had been entered in our county. I checked and one of the potential hits was a match to a firearm that was from the 2007 report. The firearm had just surfaced at a secondhand dealer a couple towns over from ours. The firearm was recovered and returned to the owner. The owner of the firearm is an elderly gentleman and his health is progressively getting worse. The owner’s wife said it was a real ‘pick me up’ when her husband learned he was getting his firearm back seven years after it was stolen. Thanks LeadsOnline for all you do! ”

Inv. Sgt. Craig Brown
Titus County Sheriff’s Office

Suspect admits to stealing three firearms when confronted with LeadsOnline evidence

“I was working a case involving larceny of a firearm. While interviewing the suspect, I used LeadsOnline to show he sold a Ruger black powder pistol to a local shop. This Ruger pistol was not reported as stolen, and the suspect had no history and only a traffic violation on his criminal report. The suspect then confessed to stealing not just one, but three firearms from my victim. I only wish ALL secondhand stores were on LeadsOnline. I also hope that, in the future, photos of jewelry will be required to be submitted by our local dealers. Thanks, LeadsOnline, for another case closed!!!”

Det. Matthew Burgess
Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office
North Carolina

Louisiana police recover stolen firearm for one of their own

“While receiving training for the LeadsOnline program, we recovered a stolen firearm that was recently sold. The firearm was reported stolen from a residential burglary in 2011. The victim in the case is an employee of the department and was extremely happy to obtain his firearm back!”

Det. Thomas Wheeler
Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office

Georgia police hail LeadsOnline as the best crime fighting tool

“Another case solved thanks to LeadsOnline. I was assigned a case involving a vehicle break-in. All leads were exhausted and the case was placed on inactive status. While doing my daily LeadsOnline review, I received an NCIC hit for our agency. The hit was for a firearm that had been stolen out of the vehicle in my case. The firearm was recovered, returned to the owner and an arrest was made. This would not have been possible without LeadsOnline. This is the best crime fighting tool and service for property crime investigators that I have come across in my 24 year career in law enforcement.”

Inv. Steve Kimbel
Madison County Sheriff’s Office

LeadsOnline recovers meaningful item for victim

“In January, I was conducting my NCIC audit in LeadsOnline. I found a firearm had been sold in a neighboring county which had been flagged. After pulling the Microfiche, I confirmed the firearm as being stolen. I contacted the business and put a hold on the firearm. In February, I recovered the stolen firearm from the neighboring police agency which had picked up the gun for me. This firearm was stolen in 1984 and for the last 32 years it had been owned by several people. The victim was contacted and we learned her Grandfather had given her the gun when she turned 19 years of age. After she picked up the gun from our facility she was extremely happy to have such a sentimental item back after all these years. Another great example how LeadsOnline is a valuable tool for law enforcement.”

Firearm recovered

“While searching LeadsOnline, I found that a suspect had pawned a firearm that was said to have been stolen from a nearby city. After confirming the stolen firearm through NCIC and confirming with the business that they had possession of the firearm, I contacted the reporting agency and made them aware of the otherwise unknown activity.”

Detective Sean Boczar
Helena Police Department

Victim is ecstatic when Austin officer recovers her firearm five years after it was stolen

“Just last week I found a firearm that was stolen in 2010 and sold in 2013. That particular business had previously recovered the firearm. The owner of the firearm had moved several years ago but I was able to track her down and let her know I found her property. To hear a victim with such an ecstatic voice was awesome. Thank you LeadsOnline!”

Ofc. Michael Henson
Austin Police Department

Firearm found in adjoining city using LeadsOnline

“I’m an officer with the Austin Police Department in Arkansas. While combing through our recent property theft reports, I found a stolen firearm in a business in an adjoining city. The firearm’s owner couldn’t thank us enough. We love LeadsOnline!”

Officer Michael Henson
Austin Police Department

In 20 minutes, Raleigh detective had all the information he needed to prove that the stolen gun recovered from a suspect belonged to one of his murder victims

Thought you would like to know that we are investigating a homicide where one of our business owners was killed inside his shop. The investigation is ongoing and there is still a lot of work to do. I was able to use LeadsOnline to trace a firearm back to the victim in our case that was initially stolen at the time of the victim’s death. The victim’s firearm was located on the suspect at the time of his apprehension in less than 12 hours. Instead of using ATF to get all the trace forms, I made a simple inquiry with LeadsOnline, contacted the business where I had tracked the guns to, got the list of the previous owner and our victim’s information as the new owner of the firearm. Needless to say, I created a timeline of events concerning the ownership of a firearm, identified the true owner of the firearm, the previous owner of the firearm, and had a clear history of the firearm all within less than an hour. Not sure how long ATF would have taken, but I had hard copies of all the information I needed within 20 minutes.”

Det. Wilbur O’Neal
Raleigh Police Department
North Carolina

LeadsOnline and Onslow County Sheriff’s Office keep the memories in the family by recovering this navy vet’s priceless family heirlooms

“A 69 year old Navy Veteran in our county was a victim of a felony breaking and entering with intent to commit larceny, larceny after breaking and entering and larceny of a firearm. The value of the stolen property was estimated at $100,000. These items had been given to him by his father, who has since passed away, so the sentimental value of the stolen items was priceless to him. Most of the items were Military Memorabilia. Thanks to LeadsOnline, I was able to positively identify two suspects, recover nearly all of the items, including a Model 1911, .45 Caliber Pistol, which was recovered several states away. Unfortunately, the Victim had not recorded the serial number, which could have made it nearly impossible to recover. This was a family heirloom that had been given to him by his deceased father, and could not ever be replaced. This was a textbook case, which involved a joint effort between multiple jurisdictions, to include both military and civilian agencies, which all resulted from a lead provided by a hit on a LeadsOnline inquiry. Thank you for all you do to assist us in “Shining the light of Justice on the Darkness of Crime”. ”

Det. Robert Spade
Onslow County Sheriff’s Office
North Carolina